Evaluating property when buying and selling.

Neighboring properties and Online comparisons are a small composition of what value you propose for the property when buying and you ask for your property when selling.

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Thank you for previewing properties on RodwellBuildingServices.com for a great deal.

The prices you were seeing is based in-part on general market information provided by consumers not as special as you.

Realtors are sending you these listings, as shown by the people who already bought and sold, because properties based on your custom needs are not available to them. So, you may call on us for added F.O.C.U.S. Consultation if you are skeptical about the results of what came up when you started your search.

Please note that the Multiple Listing Services computers are unable to provide you with specific features and insights for your decisions.

You have the right to obtain a free copy of all that is included in the “offering for sale” before you appoint any Inspectors. You also have the right to consider the accuracy and completeness of any real product you are presenting for sale or seeing to purchase. When you receive notice of any inaccuracies or missing information, you may negotiate it out or haggle for it to be corrected before you waste time and money hiring experts. Start your F.O.C.U.S. Consult today!

About Rodwell Smith

Third generation builder and real estate developer. With a combination of real estate and construction contracting experience, I have been responsible for overseeing day to day management of property acquisitions and sales, customer developments, tenant build-out, capital improvements and base building projects including build to suit, sealed bid renovations and design build contracts.

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