How to know your custom home.

More than 7 of the 9 people who thought about having a house that they would love to call home never bother with finding out what  would make them move.



How can you decide to give up your present house and acquiring another when you have nothing guiding you as to what your custom home should be. It’s not that you don’t know what you want. I think it is more we have not shown you the ease in how you can decide. So read on and register for our newsletters filled with ideas and tips delivered directly to your email box. You will be able to study them at you convenience but here are some help now.

Margaret’s children are grown and she has always wondered what it would be like to have her own house. She has rented houses during the time it took raising her children and now that they are on their own she can barely decide if 4 bedrooms or just 2 bedrooms will be ample for her.

Also, she did not know the versatility of her own property so her hesitation was also that it was too late for her to even consider moving in this stage of her life. Does the Catch-22 situation seem familiar?

house vision on green meadow. Conceptual image

Kramer, the youngest of 4 children, grew up in a 3 bedroom apartment for his entire life. While he is left with the fully paid Co-Op dwelling to keep, he ventured out one Sunday afternoon visiting our Open-House presentation. I could tell that living in a 3-level house was like a dream to him.

Immediately upon entering, he was amazed at the openness of the space and the stairways leading to other levels of the home. He went to the windows in the rear family-room and then we went back to the living room window to make sure he had 2 totally different views. He was looking out towards the North from the front and looking Southwards in the rear.

He also commented, “When we bring our garbage out, we do bring the garbage outside – I never thought of that before.” In the apartment building that Kramer lived in for all his life, he was

Living Room

Living Room

accustomed to taking the trash to a room down the hall with a chute. He had heard the stories from his co-workers about “trash pick-up” days and understood some of it for himself in that moment.

He kept going back and forth on the main level of the house while staring at the corners where the walls meet the ceiling. I knew it was not any imperfections in the craftsmanship that kept his fascination. After all, he was attending a NOW-SHOWING by Rodwell Building Services. So lightheartedly I said, “When you are in the rooms upstairs, you will be around 10 feet above this level” while I started to walk up the stairs.

I stopped on the third step and asked, “Would you prefer seeing the entertainment rooms in the basement before going upstairs?” I knew he would get a kick out of that because apartment living

Renewed kitchen-1

Renewed kitchen-1

is filled with restrictions and the possibilities of entertaining friends and relatives on a whole different level of home was a very significant comfort for him.

We must have spent the rest of the afternoon learning what he was going to get in his next house. He did not offer to buy the Open House we were NOW-SHOWING him, but both he and I learned what features are important to making him his own custom home, when he is ready.

I don’t like to think of one’s hesitation to buying a big-ticket item such as a new house to be procrastination. My point is that even though it may seem like you are putting off tasks and actions for a later time, I do not label it “procrastinating.” However based upon my experiences helping real estate users and owners in having their property the way they prefer it, I learn that 92% of the problem is not knowing how and what to decide. 6% is attributed to financial condition and the remaining 2% is impatience or intolerance.

Would you like to know what I call procrastination? I have been putting-off making our “Consult-Us” page simpler. It should show visitors how to F.O.C.U.S. on achieving their custom home. It is too long for a web page but each time I set out to make it shorter, business happens. So I put it off and keep putting it off. Surf in soon and drop me a note for motivation. Thank you.

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