How to sell your distressed property to custom home buyers.

So many reasons these days for property owners want to sell their property that when their properties are less than perfect they want to run away quickly. Even if it means accepting lower than market prices, they never venture to achieve their true value. Here is how…

Distressed — costs of maintaining and keeping the property are extremely more than your household budget can bear.

There are two primary cause for subject housing pains. Did you buy too much property than you could afford? Or, Did your economic circumstance change so dramatically that you can’t afford to pay for it anymore or even perform reparations?

It is true, properties and the improvements there on are used-up and get older just as much if not more so that their human inhabitants. It is also true, that properties do have growing demands as the world progresses. However the most significant truth is that if you grow out of use for your property, there are others with insightfulness, designs and resources ready for making it into their dream property. So why not position your property so they can feel similar love for it as you once did.

Don’t feel guilty or ashamed that you are eager to get rid of it. It doesn’t have be your loss. As a matter of fact, that is what Rodwell Building Services sells.

Custom homemakers seek out Rodwell Building Services’ expertise in locating properties in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia that will be just for what designs they have in mind. Check out our FOCUS someday or give us a call for a free evaluation. You may call Rodwell on 202-760-5265 to answer any question you want to ask.

About Rodwell Smith

Third generation builder and real estate developer. With a combination of real estate and construction contracting experience, I have been responsible for overseeing day to day management of property acquisitions and sales, customer developments, tenant build-out, capital improvements and base building projects including build to suit, sealed bid renovations and design build contracts.

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