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How to acquire a low-priced house, pay for modernizing it into a custom home to our taste; with one low down-payment, 1 closing cost to settle a plan for repaying the mortgage with 1 easy monthly installment?

Plan your acquisition.

Whether you have just bought a house, planning to buy a house or you have lived there for a while, it’s easier when you FOCUS.


It is an awfully hidden service offering but F.O.C.U.S. works with existing property owners who want to improve their real estate – especially if you just inherited the property and are thinking of occupying it yourself or sell it for more value.



At start of your F.O.C.U.S. Consultation you will know your pre-requisites (tax returns, bank statements, purchase contracts) and how you can make them work for you. Day 3 thru Day 21 you will see how they come together for your 203b or 203k purchasing power. Then you will have stronger visions of your goal and your custom home.



It’s simpler when you F.O.C.U.S. Our offer is to make your shopping very simple and easy. Like our Facebook Fan page There you can find properties in Maryland, District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. For any other real estate around the world contact Rodwell directly.



Charles County, Maryland $350,000 as-is.

Montgomery County, Maryland $350,000 as-is.

Prince George’s County, Maryland $350,000 as-is.

Stafford County, Virginia $350,000 as-is.

Once you have started your F.O.C.U.S. Consultation you have more information as to the location of your next property and how you can go about getting it. There are plenty of lower priced houses for sale. Now that these houses have gone through the reclamation process uninhabited they are priced for quick sale and bargain hunters can finance the cost to acquire and renew them before moving in them with a FHA 203K Mortgage Loan.

All you must do is qualify for the ARV (After Renovations Value) Your savings are definite at that point because you are todays prices for tomorrows improvements. Talk to your financial experts to know what that benefits you. With a F.O.C.U.S. Consult you make a list of all the things you dream about doing, break your list down into categories based on cost and drive down cost estimate by dealing with specialty constructors. Rodwell Building Services will guide you HOW.

What Rodwell Building Services does is help you get the processes done. If you are not in the know about designing and developing your custom property you can be in for an experience. From handy Around-the-way contractor who can’t get to do your job to the licensed, bonded and insured only to get the first draw on your renovations. Rodwell Building Services get you through those mazes.

Clean fresh open house now for custom benefits later. It is not a big secret why we improve and deliver for occupancy and subsequent sale if that’s our customers F.O.C.U.S. Mocking up and staging functional temporary measures for an occupied property cost time and more money. That’s why Rodwell Building Services pass those remodeling projects and greets you with savings. Don’t waste money moving your house around. Before you move in or when it’s time to sell you will sense all the values in what you are presenting to yourself or your buyers if you improve ahead of occupancy.

Upgrade your kitchen.


Contact your local real estate expert what the No. 1 modernizing upgrade to any property is, and the answer will be the kitchen. Its funny but believe me, it’s the food area in most commercial settings.


Beautify your bathrooms.

Of all the rooms in your house, the bathrooms are the workhorses. No other rooms inside the shell of a structure is more important in function than the rooms that keeps the whole house clean. Occupants of a house can eat out and then come back to stay until it is time to go eat again. But it won’t be a structure of a home if you must go out to rest and clean yourselves. Soon you will dwell where your conveniences are best served. There is lots of wear and tear, so you want to keep it functioning well and make good looking upgrades along the way.

Spend some details on your bathrooms finishes. Bathrooms are no longer just for function anymore. People like to feel romanced or in a mini getaway. Just like the modern fixtures should not be connected to old plumbing and inferior walls, replacing plumbing lines because they should not spring a leak behind closed walls makes great sense. The modern fixtures will fit more beneficially in the long run.

Remember you are customizing your home!

Stone and solid surfaces means longevity and laminates are short-term beautifiers. It does seem more expensive because it is a custom feature but it pays for itself every time. If you already have granite or marble, etc. in your bathrooms and your kitchen counters, you are in a great position to modernize the cabinetry.


Some customers acquired 4+ bedroom houses knowing that they needed only 3 functional bedrooms. That’s how F.O.C.U.S. works! They were presenting themselves with a home for a long time and they needed to make additional rooms for soaker-tubs and spa type steaming showers for those mini getaways.


Modernize, Upgrade, Splurge a little more on your bathrooms and kitchen areas. They are easier to keep clean and dry. Dirt and grime can become embedded in bathroom surfaces very quickly. Grouted joints are wetlands for mold and mildew. Moreover, a lot of filled in seams harbor dust and odors to linger in your home.


Rodwell Building Services selling custom real estate services include but not limited to Listing for resellers; Qualifying prospective buyers –



Pre-Listing Activities / Pre-Qualifying Activities

Preparing Listing Presentation / Buyer Consultation

Listing Agreement for Properties / Agency Agreement for Buyers

Catalogue Multiple Listing Service Database

Marketing own Listing / Exploring through Other Listings

Soliciting Responsive Offers / Preparing Contract Offers



Tracking the Loan and Financing Process as vital

Coordinate Property Inspections

Harmonize Property Appraisals

Preparing Settlement Documentations and Mitigations

Survey Closing and Free Preservation

Pre-Construction Surveying and Planning

Construction Managing design/builders of Customers’ Projects including:

  • Custom Modernizations
  • Custom 203K Renovations
  • Custom Historic Renovations and Restorations
  • Custom Additions and Expansions
  • Custom Rebuilding from fire or water damage


    As you can see custom home starts with custom selections and placements

Why Choose Rodwell Building Services

  • Consultation: We thoroughly discuss your goals, location(s), and sales or acquisition strategies. We use our proprietary data and expertise to help you determine the most cost-effective way to reach your goal.
  • Creativity: Whether you select one of the listed renovated property to personalize or have us locate a reasonably lower priced property arrange the appropriate financing for you to remodel it into a custom home, you develop the best property solution for you and yours.
  • F.O.C.U.S. Selling and Buying: We combine real estate marketing and our construction management expertise to prepare a proprietary know-how to create a powerful F.O.C.U.S. plan to satisfy your need for real property with the right property you order.

Why Rodwell Building Services Are Different

  • We’re more property oriented than traditional real estate brokerages.
  • We’re more target-market driven than any other real estate advertising companies.
  • You can compare our means and methods, see what new products we bring to market, read our new messages transmit, and get what new markets we are catering.
  • We carefully select the real services and the right property for your order. So, if it doesn’t make sense to your goal or objective – you won’t order it!

Why Rodwell Building Services Real Estate

  • Cost-effective. Build a high-end, high-quality, upper-class, neighbors and visitors enviable property for less money than you thought possible. Set-up your special neighborhood on our FREE SEARCH DC/MD/VA service.
  • F.O.C.U.S. Our proprietary consultation technology helps you plan your property selling or property acquisition from the state level, down through the county, down to the neighborhood level, even the type of property level and the possibilities for customization level.
  • Customizable: We drive and derive solutions most constructively for you – our customer.


  • Real life real estate building and construction experiences with you.
  • When getting a mortgage to buy property can daunt you around, feel the zeal of getting into the physical details of your new acquisition.


  • Real products and service benefits.
  • You accomplished it. You set your goals. Set your sites with Rodwell Building Services. Then you got us to join you in netting it. Kudos!


  • Custom Builder trustworthiness and reputation.
  • Only one worthy to locate and help customers get and develop the property they envision. Truly we are the “equal housing provider”


  • More value. It is always more than price alone when making buying and selling decisions. Get more value: the difference between what something costs and its worth to you. With Rodwell Building Services you can Improve then Sell or Buy. Then Customize: “building your value with real services and right property for your order!”


  • Private transactions easy, safe, and secure. 
  • Ultra-solid privacy policy, and secure transaction procedures.


  • Most responsive to you and ever articulating solutions to your pressing concerns.
  • Get genuine resolve to your needs. Not just notifications about an issue — but what else you can do and what else others can get done for your objective.

Please note: Rodwell Building Services is how to acquire a low-priced house, pay for modernizing it into a custom home to our taste; with one low down-payment, 1 closing cost to settle a plan for repaying the mortgage with 1 easy monthly installment.

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Third generation builder and real estate developer. With a combination of real estate and construction contracting experience, I have been responsible for overseeing day to day management of property acquisitions and sales, customer developments, tenant build-out, capital improvements and base building projects including build to suit, sealed bid renovations and design build contracts.

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