Why Rodwell Building Services

New Home Planning

New Home Planning

 Score High Valued Real Estate Marketing & Sales for your project:

Expect lower costs with delivery of your reconstruction real estate you acquire
Efficient F.O.C.U.S. search
Expect no additional service charges and you won’t pay until you close a separate freight bill

• When you FOCUS know what you need and design your 203K contractors performs professionally
• Rodwell Building Services has full-time construction engineers to support customer needs
• Rodwell Building Services customer’s realize that other Realtors don’t offer the very best 203K buying guidance or efficient procurement because the commission is paid on the acquisition cost — not the After Renewed Value
• Rodwell Building Services develops and stocks destruct properties customer’s request because they are being over charged and must pay twice; the sales taxes & brokerage fees

 Experienced advertising, branding, networking ideas, marketing services targeting your needed property or very-well camouflaged buyer

 Get answers about your Real Estate Loans & Finance – best partitioned lenders around how to optimize them.

 Real Estate Networking and people skills driving insight from your needs to mortgage lenders approval


 Organize your Property Improvements & Space Design – Including home preparations, decorating, architecture, etc.

 Building Modernization & Construction such as property inspection and assessments, estimates for improvements, construction, repairs etc.


 Develop your Commercial & Investment with Landlord/tenant business acumen to be able to quickly build business cases for multiple properties, breaking out impacts among annualized one-time operating costs.

 Use Real Estate Technologies software to know where to access appropriate benchmarks should client have insufficient data

 Search the entire National Capital Region Real Estate Information – Including local news and information.

 Real Estate Property Expert Big-Data experience

 Develop new facilities

 migration or relocation plan

 lease/purchase optimization