What are your interests in real estate?

How much rights do you want with the property you occupy or use?

Because RodwellBuildingServices is more well known for real estate transactions that promote acquiring property, improving the property, and marketing property, we write this section to introduce you to the work being conducted via The Virtual Realty Group


brokerage organization globally throughout the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia corridors. RodwellBuildingServices Value Added Realtors are dedicated to brokering your real estate transaction. That is guiding you with buying your real estate; promoting, marketing, and selling your real estate; helping you with leasing and renting your real estate; and if you are a property owner already, endorsing you for letting your real estate be occupied by a tenant.

We would like to negotiate real estate transactions to your benefit!

Introducing RodwellBuildingServices in The Virtual Realty Group. Like us on Facebook, it is your best resource for real estate in Washington, DC; Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Our real estate expertise includes selling brand-new custom-built houses around the National Capital Region; buying and selling reseller houses and existing buildings; exclusively marketing unique luxury reconstructions, raw land, vacant city lots; as well as leasing and renting both residential commercial spaces.

Get answers to your important questions so you know what is important to you about your property -- present and future. Our help is limitless. Again, our experienced staff and knowledgeable professionals deliver renewed properties, REO sales, estate liquidation sales, short sales, and other real property including vacant lots and bankable land.





RodwellBuildingServices draws from over 30 years of real estate and construction sales, construction management, and capital improvement experiences to all users (consumers) of real estate. Since inception RodwellBuildingServices began in real estate management at housing authorities, Rodwell provided Development and Modernization solutions. Rodwell began re-purposing properties in 1993 and became a marketer of former commercial properties in Washington DC while assessing the

We Got It All
We Got It All

physical needs of rental housing stock for Housing Authorities around the US that drives the name RodwellBuildingServices

With those real estate development responsibilities, RodwellBuildingServices combines construction management skills and knowledge of real estate markets for benefiting building owners and developers branding the offering RodwellBuildingServices.

RodwellBuildingServices' mission is: Serving you your real estate improvements for your use and life. We are specialized real estate brokerage agency serving organization and individuals alike; who are buying, selling, leasing and letting property. RodwellBuildingServices is providing the real services and the right property for your order.

Engage us for your real estate solutions today! We plan to fulfill your interest in real estate to the best.

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