Get to know RODWELL the SMITH



Houses and other properties evaluated = 3177, Comprehensive modernization projects led = 31, Types of properties developed = 2800+ Residential, 18+ Class-A offices, 63+ Stores, 11 Medical/Dental operatories, 28+ Schools and classroom, 3+ Manufacturing Assembly plants, 21+ Beauty/Barber salons; How many satisfied customers will call again?

Every one of them; & some of their offspring!




Rodwell Oliver ‘RoAnthony Smith’s life objective is selling real estate and construction professional services producing residential and commercial properties and featuring his talents and his inherent skills for assessing real estate redevelopment projects, propose acquisitions, and market developments that exceptionally sell real estate values.

He is now affiliated with SMART Realty, LL C where he is perfecting proprietary services for scoping physical needs of property that increased sales of renovation mortgages and construction loan products. Rodwell add value to clients developing relationships and construction projections that increases the value of their properties.

Before, he closed several Public Building Services owner/tenant capital improvement agreements. Procured over $71 M of Public Building Services class A offices modernization and capital improvements in 5 states. He also lead 22 national brokers’ leasing projects that streamlined the tenant improvement design and construct-ability reviews to 78% of projected time.

Prior to taking his craft on the road. He was a Development and Modernization Analyst and Construction Plan Reviewer with the District of Columbia Dept. of Housing and Community Development and US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. He drafted and administered a wide range of construction and building modernization projects that funded over $272M worth of housing maintenance and cost-benefit-capital improvements through 2006.

Rodwell Oliver ‘RoAnthony Smith is a third-generation builder who is interested in the real estate developer and proficient marketer experiences. He offers his expertise of real estate improvements to clients who own or prospect to own/use single and multi-unit residential properties; office buildings; professional condominiums; hospitals, courtrooms and hotel conventions. Rodwell’s strengths are procuring customized real property for his RodwellBuildingServices™ customers building them more lucrative assets.

Core Qualifications:

  • Certified real estate sales professional in DC, MD & VA
  • Successful track record of producing properties to market
  • Able to coordinate large groups of varying real estate and construction teams
  • Known for being able to originate real estate projects and lucrative business opportunities
  • Excellent development team coordinator, communicator and strong team player
  • Dedicated and reliable operative


Pursuing Master’s Degree; Major: Finance, Minor: Supply Chain Management; University of Maryland University College, MD