Set your own date and time on our work schedule

Rodwell Building Services is passionate about real estate improvements and their constructs. In today’s business environment, time truly is money. Your sales representatives are constantly trying to keep up with the demands of their schedules and closing deals.

Our representatives need you to schedule appointments with your comforts in mind while they roam the territory evaluating properties. Our teams need a full work schedule so schedule from any of our services with the variations as close to your needs as you can think.

Set your own date and time on our work schedule. Let us call make a time and date to meet and consult with you on your schedule. Let our services follow-up on your appointments.

Features; Your Safety Needs in Tow

Our services are to meet with you with the most socially distancing methods practical:

  • No guessing that you are well-qualified
  • Preparations that develop into safe, secured appointments
  • Customized real estate programs based upon your predetermined products and services
  • Dynamic real-time appointment rescheduling and cancellations
  • Online access to schedules and calendars

Key Benefits

  • Sanitary Face‐to‐face Meetings with Qualified Prospects
  • Prepared Agents use Your Preferred Method to Call on You
  • Efficient Scheduling Saves Your Time and Money
  • Planned Agenda Customize to Meet Your Needs

Combined Industries and Trades Experience

RodwellBuildingServices has evaluated over 7,000 brand new, recently renovated, and existing disrepair houses; managed physical needs assessment programs for HUD, locate operation space for medical professionals, responded to insurance claims and other real estate consultants.

Our experience spans B2B, B2G, and B2C organizations, and all project sizes ranging from appointments for individual buyers and sellers to large corporates and government administrations.