We Built Our Websites for You


Rodwell Building Services and Realty Club was designed from the beginning to be two completely new real estate services that parallel real construction services, with custom properties where customers can better resolve the needs of their objectives.

We have built a streamlined, less constrained, wide-ranging organization whose sole mission is to improve upon every customer’s estate from the moment they come upon us.

We want to encourage property owners or prospective owners to get the best from Rodwell Building Services, Inc every time!

  • Any consumer should have the most available information and records of any property at any time.


  • Any business owner that wants to house their organization must have all pertinent information from the internal construct of the property to the external environmental makeup of where they plan to locate said organization. So, we developed the websites and knowhows for doing so.


  • The bottom line is we want to feel better about their real estate information whether they are actual owners, past owners, and future buyers. It is our commitment to you and you deserve it.


For more information on how Rodwell Building Services benefits you and your business specifically, contact Rodwell Smith on 202-760-5265 or email for a comprehensive service analysis or a F.O.C.U.S Consultation.


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