Customized Home Theatres: Home Entertainment Center; Man-Caves or She-Sheds and Family Dens

WARNING! Dreaming of a Custom Home? – RodwellBuildingServices™ is coming your way now.

Welcome to the Real Customization Edition of the RodwellBuildingServices Newsletters. Many of you are well into you F.O.C.U.S. and are ready to do some serious customization.

Congratulations! You have located and purchased the property and now you are ready to take your new house to the next level. Refer back to previous articles about F.O.C.U.S. if you would like a checklist. Basically, all your family’s core needs are met (space and location-wise), just to make sure.

These Real Customization Edition newsletters will feature custom systems that you can plug into your hose to make it the dream you always wanted. These will be “Build-It” articles and blogs. They are similar to “Fix-it” blogs, videos and vlogs you may see online and YouTube. However you will be creating not repairing.

Hopefully you have been following our newsletters and much of the infrastructures for customizing your house are already in place, position and direction. For your Custom Home Theatre, Home Entertainment Center or Simply – Your Cave or Den all that you will need is some comfortable seating, some projection television system, some wireless surround sound speaker system, and some method for controlling the lighting and mood to create your own home theatre.

Again! Hopefully your new house has a finished basement like the one pictured above. However, any other room you designated to be your Home Theatre, Home Entertainment Center or Simply – Your Cave or Den will do.

Arrange it so the seating will face away from the natural light sources (windows). You will want to place the HD TV screen on the furthest end of those seating so you can always add blinds and shades to the windows. But if your screen is up on those windows it will be hard to control the light. So take much deliberation when deciding where everything will go.

All the devices and components we recommend should be wireless. That’s why we did not recommend any tables yet. Your choice of tables will be the essence of your customizations. Note the coffee table in the entertainment room/bar/lounge/billiard room at top – it is housing the controls for the HD TV and the Surround Sound controls. It has a fixed glass top for magazines, games, drinks and remotes etc.

You may choose to have several other features and functionality in your space. Please get a table that function and capacity for your processors. You may want to speak with your local geek. Your objective is to have a central location for your controls, chairs or sofas that recline, high definition television with surround sounds and blinds to give you enough light to have the big-screen theatre experience.

Make room for expansion as your home will be the place for all your friends. Enjoy!

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