Direct Lender For Single Family Rentals


Direct Lender For Single Family Rental Landlords


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Mortgage rates have dropped due to the Federal Reserve's decision to cut interest rates.








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We Provide 100% Construction Funding.  Up to 90% Loan to Purchase Price

(No Greater than 75% ARV)


We're the perfect lender for this mess below.  First you can clean it up with our short term  funding providing up to 90% of purchase price and 100% of construction costs by submitting us an approved budget.  We can settle the loan in 3 weeks with a 7 day turnaround on appraisal.  Our appraisal provider is Appraisal Nation a national third party appraisal service.  We will not fund greater than 75% of as-completed value.  We give up to 24 months with extension options available to complete the project.  If you plan to hold the asset as a rental, we convert the loan to an an attractive long term fixed rate , upon lease in hand.  Or sell the property, prepay the loan with no penalty.  We can provide full term interest only fixed loans up to 10 years fixed term and then floats an additional 20 years, offering a 30 year term mortgage.




(Min $750,000 Loan Amount)


Up to 80% Loan To Value

5/1 Arm , Full Term Interest Only

Amortizes after 5 Year Fixed Term for remaining 25 Years

30 Year Term

7 Day Turnaround on Appraisal

Declining Step-Down Prepay (3%,2%,1%)






Should you have any additional question you may contact me directly.
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