Early Spring Cleaning or Buying Another House? That is the question…

Come in we are open
Come in we are open

When you have gone through several years of cabin fever doldrums, you may feel lackadaisical this time around to start your spring cleaning regimen. Continue reading how this publisher got their spring cleaning started early. And for those of you who dread the thought of working up a sweat, realize that when you hydrate with some berry infused water garnished with fresh mint you will be spring cleaning your body also. Besides, these drinks are natural burst of energy. Enjoy the cleanse and cleaning!

Once I started, I definitely got carried away, which, I admit, is partly due to the fact that I had too much time on my hands. Because of this, I sadly did not get pictures of all the spots in my house that I’ve cleaned out and organized. The photos below are mainly just of my home office, laundry room, and closet.


My desk drawers were so disorganized and messy. Sometimes it is so easy to just toss things in a drawer and not look back, but over time these drawers became overwhelming with so much junk! So glad I got rid of some things and got them organized. I’m looking to get a new desk soon and this is definitely going to help