Experience your fully customized real estate rights via a Value-Added Realtor! Series 1

The first question you should ask someone who offers to buy your property for immediate cash is, “If they will be able to resell it the same way?”

That’s how you know you are entitled to more than they are offering you. If you want a real assessment and a much fairer value, here is how you find a Value-Added-Realtor in RodwellBuildingServices™

Live Well – Buy Rodwell! Your fully customized real estate experiences through a Value-Added Realtor

What makes a good Realtor®? Most people will quickly say that a good real estate agent is one who gets a quick sale! So, the industry has created real estate agents who buy properties and resell the property before recording the transaction – just to get the ranking of a quick sale.

While you certainly want to list with a Realtor® who can get your property sold, you also want that real estate agent to do other things for you as well – like bringing you the most value.

The services a Value-Added Realtor at RodwellBuildingServices will do for you!

• Get the most improved price possible from your property’s market.

Since Jacob’s parents died in 1981, Jacob have lived in Chicago and left his parent’s storefront property with the neighbor who had known Jacobs parents since the early years. Jacob could no longer pay the taxes and respond to the maintenance for said property in Washington, DC while he lived in Chicago. So, when Jacob received a $100K cash offer for his parent’s property, he immediately agreed to the sale. After a couple of weeks without receiving the funds, Jacob learned his parent’s property was offered on the open market for resale for a whopping $629,000.00. What could Jacob do? He had already agreed to the sale and even though the exchange has not been recorded it was still enforceable. Lucky for Jacob, he came upon RodwellBuildingServices who improved the value of the property and closed the sale outside of that previous jerk-around.

• Competently handle all the transaction’s paperwork while dealing with all the ancillary representatives. Buying and Selling your real estate is not the same as a cash exchange for goods at your local store. It is more complicated as real estate is the only agreement that must be in writing to be enforceable.


• Protect you throughout the deal (and afterwards). • And not cost an arm and a leg!

If you consider those four requirements, you’ll quickly conclude that the quality of the agent you choose is important. A good agent will more than earn the money that he or she costs. A poor agent, while perhaps saving you money initially, can get you into more trouble than you’d ever imagine.

How Can I Get a Value-Added Realtor at RodwellBuildingServices?

The best first step is to visit any of the national real estate websites and inquire about Rodwell Smith’s recommendations either directly on those websites or a global search on the world wide web. You should be quite familiar with www.Zillow.com or their sister-site www.trulia.com; or www.homes.com; or www.Realtor.com. Our global presence is secured so you need not worry about unsolicited calls and questions about what you want to do. Do a secured search like

Ask your familiar real estate brokerage houses such as www.ColdwellBankerHomes.com if they know people who have recently bought or sold their properties through RodwellBuildingServices™. Fact is there are so many real estate agents around (nearly 2 of every 19 person in some areas have tried to be a professional real estate services provider) that you won’t have any trouble finding more about RodwellBuildingServices™.

An agent can help you transact your real estate whether you are buying or selling, but the best life-time altering event besides traveling to a distant land is at RodwellBuildingServices for you. 93.43% of real estate customers would not use the agent again. However, RodwellBuildingServices is proud for our lifetime customers. People like you who had their fist solution of a relative sort and are now sending their children to buy multi-family buildings in Takoma Park, MD. Customers like you who are looking for brand new townhouses with garage in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

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