For Sale By Owner? The Truth About How Much Homes Sell For Without A Broker

For Sale without Seller – Bank Owned

You have seen those advertisements, “we buy your house for cash” and wondered how can they pay so much cash for a property that a Realtor® priced to sell for much more? The answer to the age-old dilemma; “Should I use a Value Added Realtor® for getting the best value for my property?” or, “Should I take the cash and move on?” depends on how desperate you are for losing 38 to 45% of its value.

You might not be required by law to use a professional to get your property sold. However, you definitely don’t need a pawnbroker to offer you less than it’s worth and then try to sell it before they pay the sales tax and register it; and for a much bigger price at that, either. I know you say that’s capitalism but to me, it is almost like closing your eyes to NOT see something awful happening. How did you see that it is something awful happening in the first place? Avoiding the sight doesn’t make the loss any less iniquitous already.

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When you prefer an equitable buyer, in most states, it depends on which house you wish to purchase, and whether or not it is listed with a Realtor®. Qualified buyers for your property are already working with your local Realtor®. If a property a buyer wish to purchase is not listed, the SMART broker can complete the transaction as smoothly as if it were. Likewise, if the property an owner wishes to sell, a SMART broker can deal just as easily too. RodwellBuildingServices works with all types of sellers and specializes in “for sale by builder” when you want a custom home. When you are purchasing a reseller’s property as is and the owner is neither home builder or contractor you have financing options that high-quality contractors are ready to customize your purchase. Consider buying a reseller house and rebuilding it to your liking like buying a newly constructed property. It will be newly constructed as well; just not from the hole-in-the-ground-up. I have listed out the advantages of using RodwellBuildingServices™ for purchasing new construction and it works for selling your property even if you are not a home builder or contractor just as well. Read some more articles that might be of interest to you: New Home Construction Companies and Advantages of Buying New Construction.

Forbes Magazine article: “For Sale by Owner? The Truth about How Much Homes Sell For Without a Broker” provides some new data on the numbers for buyers to consider. So once you have taken all this into consideration, please contact your local Value Added Realtor. Even if you decide to go the unbeaten path, you will have taken all the right decisive measures to sell and buy your property.


Source: For Sale By Owner? The Truth About How Much Homes Sell For Without A Broker