New home buyers can select from over 500 models around Washington, DC these days. Ones who prefer the classical structures that are in the hot areas; with established cultures, hot nightlife, and new-age vitality, can buy customized by RodwellBuildingServices™. So, before you sell your property for that fast-cash-out low-price incentives, list it on National Capitol Homes for the more equitable values and more beneficial sales strategy.

"Get More New Home Buyers to Shop for Your Classic Property"

A new home buyer can select from over 548 Branded models of houses for their next home within 50 miles radii of Washington DC, USA. That includes tract developer and PUD built houses in Maryland and Virginia suburban areas of DC. However, if a new or first-time homebuyer love the scent of their new homes to last, they can seek after a gentrified property. Chances are better if they prefer the classical structures that are in the hot areas; established culture, nightlife and vitality, they will buy customized with all modern comforts.

Moreover, if buyers want their unique style house instead of a cookie-cutter house for their modern lifestyle they are opting to buy made-to-order. Most custom-home shoppers today can rebuild upon an existing structure and finish with all modern amenities before moving in and start repaying the mortgage. Thanks to the FHA-203K and the Fannie Mae HomeStyle. "Most buyers will have the choice between the two programs and their credit does matter into the options," says Ricardo Guido of Embrace Home Loans. "Qualifying for these programs starts with a credit score better than 580 for FHA and a credit score higher than 680 will open that creditworthy buyer to some perks such as 100% financing," Ricardo Guido added.

Newly Renovated Homes are modernized appealing to astute buyers' taste and offers state-of-the-art amenities!

All properties are brought to market by National Capitol Homes and SMART Realty, LLC. Visit for details.

Purchasing Newly Renovated Homes provides you with:

  • New Finishes and Appliances
  • Restored Solid Hardwood Flooring
  • Natural Stone and Ceramic Kitchen/Bathroom Tiles
  • Granite/Corian Counters • New Windows & Exterior Doors
  • And much more up-to-date features!

With over 30 years of experience our modernization expertise has produced more than 80 newly renovated homes for homebuyers and 842 newly renovated homes for leasing to all income residents. Each newly renovated house is unique, and buyers help determine the final design through the choices listed above. By the time you pick up the keys to your newly renovated home, it is truly yours by design!

A New Gentrified Project - Getting Ready a DC Come-Back is a one owner single family row house that was meticulously and professionally updated under the auspices of RodwellBuildingServices™

The dated property's structure and charming appeals are updated to meet modern electrical and mechanical standards. New architectural features are the addition of a new plumbing amenities on main levels for today entertaining lifestyles. Egresses are made more accessible and fully visible from the rear through the front of the houses.

Decks and patios are added for that immediate level for extra outdoor space. Upstairs the master bedroom has larger closets and its own doorway to the bathroom. While back down in the basement, the new owners in October will enjoy a full feature Spa type shower close to the wide-open recreation room.

Original finished Hardwood flooring are schedule throughout and all new state-of-the-art appliances will convey with new dishwasher and ice/water dispensing refrigerator. Granite countertops to match the stainless-steel feel and tiled flooring. There are always too much to list in this design-build project and offered at such affordable prices.

A classically renovated home feature distinctive floor plans and luxurious amenities for ease of living inside as well as out. It has modern bedrooms and includes hardwood flooring, chef's kitchens. Most classic property in established neighborhoods has easy access to schools and churches, playgrounds, shopping centers and 24-hour live thoroughfare, urban surroundings for the ultimate indoor/outdoor, day/night lifestyle.

Not just another RodwellBuildingServices™ production! Benefit from this growing concern of the Greater Washington, DC area. They boast a unique modern twist on real estate marketing.

More Details: Hardwood Floors, Custom Paint, Custom Lighting, Gourmet Kitchen, Marble Countertops, Fine Wood Cabinets, New Appliances, Glass Tile Backsplash, Carpet, Spacious Bedrooms, Large Closets, Luxurious Bathrooms, Ceramic Tile, Ceiling Fans, Finished Basement with exterior egress, Rear Yard, Rear Deck and More!

This is a specialize real estate agency for buyers and sellers who aim using an acquisition and renovation mortgage financing for buying, moving in, and residing in their new properties. Similar conventional purchasing, redeveloping financing for commercially rated properties are available upon approval of buyers' financial institutions. In other words; you are eligible to use the low down-payment features of the FHA-203K or the FANNIE Mae HomeStyle® Renovation Mortgage Loan programs if you are acquiring your primary residence and the base of a residential structure is in place. Otherwise, you will need convention financing for acquisition to construction to permanent financing for your project.

"Long-terms and permanent residence owners deserves a break on acquiring the customized home they prefer without all the exuberant costs and delays and that's why RodwellBuildingServices™ is doing it." According to the Executive Director and Principal Project Manager of said firm.

Where? The National Capital Region and specializes in rebuilding new homes on classic structures in established neighborhoods on Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Their keen awareness of real estate trends and knowledge of neighboring property values along with local government regulations are their expertise to deal are the key factors that ensures new home buyers will experience a smooth progression every time.

The financing programs rely heavily on the verification of RodwellBuildingServices' projected values and said accuracy is done by independent Appraisers employed by the financial institutions administering the financing. Secondly, the construction consultants certified by the Federal Mortgage Insurers will oversee the construction of the projects and approve draws for work in place by contractors. Consequently, new home buyers are assured of outstanding performance standards.

Property/Lot/Structure Acquisitions and Dispositions

RodwellBuildingServices and National Capitol Homes can build your new home on a lot that you own. It can be a vacant lot or one that requires the demolition of the existing home (a "teardown"). If you are looking for a suitable lot, they can also help you find a lot for your new home. They are often aware of vacant lots and dated houses for sale but are not listed on the market publicly.

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