How to find the Real Services and the Right Property for Your Order?

Let’s Face-It!
In the spirit of Black Friday and Christmas, having a new home for the New Year may seem like a dreadful nightmare. At the very least, after all these shopping the bills will put off any hopes of buying a new house.

Moreover, going on tours to see all the properties on the market will wait until everybody is shopping next spring. So far, there is no property online that has the “pop” you always wanted. You identified many “possibilities” but now, you are thinking of waiting until next spring’s cabin-fever round to appreciate house shopping.

What if you could get excited about your next real estate transaction, because #RodwellBuildingServices has the real services and the right property for your order?

Here are our picks for the best home marketing resolutions for the new year and how to achieve them:

Streamline your needs and wants:

A wise lady used to say, “the need is just the wants that you can’t settle for anything less.” That is true – you need a kitchen but you want it easy to keep clean and an entertaining showpiece in your next home. Naturally, just any old kitchen that the previous house owner had is not going to make you happy or feel at home.

These weeks, resolve to go room-by-room in your present home and periodically deciding anything that you don’t like. When you look at the houses on or you can send me a note about what pictures are there that you do like. You will find us there also. It’s, Zillow Profile and Trulia Profile respectively. Check out Zillow Digs while browsing.

Make it nicely safe and sound:

Builders know, the first thing that every new house owner do is change the locks. That’s the safest way any new house occupant knows who has access to their newest pride and joy so they can feel comfortable. It’s a well-known fact. We recommend all our customers to change the locks because even when you get two sets of keys at settlement, you don’t know how many copies were made. And, by whom.

Your property will go through the standard inspections and evaluations you mortgage wants to assure them that you are buying a good property – but they don’t have to like what you must live with. So, make it what you want.

Again, you need a bathroom. You want one that is romantic, articulately styled and packed with every modern convenience mankind can come up with.

Just imagine! Neal (customer) said that she and her mate would take long driving trips throng the mountains and countryside to other cities just so they could spend a terminus night or weekend in a grand hotel frequently. “it is so we can enjoy the bathrooms,” she said.

“Our bathroom in the rental house didn’t have a full-size tub for both of us to fool around” she explained. Passionately she added, “when we must use a shower curtain around the same tub, that *@# is hard to keep clean.”

So, that’s why they are making sure they are upgrading the bathrooms in their new house. It was the only logical conclusion to our shopping for a home of our own, she intimated.

Create your home with the useful features that makes sense for your castle. You can raise your energy level and it will make you feel good when you are proud to clean up your comfort zone. Everything will have its place and you won’t have the untidy amenities that drain your energy and takes hard work to clean.

Reduce your bills (and lessen your carbon footprint also):

From being involved with houses, buildings, constructions and real estate for all of life, the comparison of owning versus renting is hard to relate and contrast. Look, I have been asked to answer some questions about real estate for many years and this one eludes my exacting explanation every time.

It can be compared on the cost-of-living expenses with equity in return level. This is just a simple way to say, you must pay for living somewhere. So LIVE inside something that you can securely protect yourself and family from the environmental elements as well as thieves. Inherently, your core need. However, you want it spectacular, warm, efficient, and don’t cost too much money. While you are at it, you want something that will be better than what your friends and peers have.

Have you realized that smartly renovated homes are cutting your energy usage in your home? Without going into more “owning versus renting” nonsense that you won’t care about, renewed reseller houses can:

  • Remember to switch off the lights when you leave a room.
  • Turn off your air conditioner when you leave the house and dial your heater down to your comfortable temperatures at night.
  • Use compact fluorescent bulbs and low-flow showerheads.
  • Tumble your clothes in the washing machine and sanitize the dishwasher until its full before running them.
  • Turn off your power strips when they are not being used. They have power strips for your home PC to sleep-on when not in use.
  • Turn on and water your yard less. They can have in drought-tolerant landscaping if necessary and collect rain water as well.

Heck! You won’t have to dabble in composting and those other nonsenses if you don’t want to. While we are on gardening and enjoying your luxurious abode the way you like to do it – just remember, when you rent you accept it As-Is. SO, for-the-love-of-everything-that-is-holy, what should you expect when you are buying?

Make it your dream. Everything that your precious heart desire!

Get you a Lair that’s ready for entertaining:

Ever wondered why you are always “turning-up” in one of your friends’ and coworkers’ nice home every weekend? That is not because they have more money than you or love to entertain more than you do. They like having you around but they probably don’t like being in your home.

Don’t get offended. I use to think it was because my friends drank more than me and so they didn’t want to drive home after “turning-up” at my place. I had the big deck and I loved to fire the grill but when the weather sends us inside; everybody went home. Just before I figured it out, I had started going from my place to theirs. Soon afterwards, I was the most mobile visitor in my circles. So, do yourself proud and get your next home that you can strut around and have anyone over anytime.

I remember every year most of us vow to spend more time with family and friends and I have friends and families in Baltimore, Maryland, to Richmond, Virginia. I have friends in the mountains and the beaches in those areas too that I could visit overnight without any hesitation. Now I understand what it’s like to let them drop in on me. No problem.

While you are shopping for a home that will make you feel like inviting people in, why not get a house with the areas you can update to entertain in a little? You don’t have exceed your Pre-Qualifying amount to invest in a new kitchen remodel or a modern bathroom. All it takes is a F.O.C.U.S. consultations at #rodwellbuildingservices. You will study every minute aspect of your goal that you won’t even noticed you packed-up your present home and moved right into your new #customhome.

Congratulations! In the time between today and New Year’s Eve, having a new home for the New Year no longer seem like such a formidable project. Please, let’s chat soon. My grandfather (father of my father and 2nd Builder I have known) use to say, “So long as your home is new to you, it will grow old with the love from you and your friends!” Until next time – be Grande.

F.O.C.U.S. Consultation is a specialized determination-of-real estate-needs proprietary to RodwellBuildingServices’ customer service. Customers accomplish their intended objectives for their property when they move through the real estate ownership journeys systematically. Whether you are Leasing, Letting, Buying or Selling, a F.O.C.U.S. consult will formulate and streamline achieving your goals.

It’s simpler when you focus. Our offer is to make you shopping very simple an easy so follow the link so you can find properties in Maryland, District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. For any other real estate around the world contact Rodwell directly on 202-760-5265.