How to know your custom home? (Continuation 2)

Styles and Architecture for your custom home in and around Washington, DC, USA.

In this richly illustrated Open-Neighborhoods touring guide from RodwellBuildingServices, as Realtor® and editor, I reveal unexplained marketing secrets and widely overlooked real estate information for you locating and creating your custom home according to your budgets and time. With your design ideas for your most exciting and your most comfortable interiors along with these architectural perspectives of the most diverse national capital of the free world, you are sure to acquire the most suitable properties that you can renew and revel into a lifetime-property you can love and cherish endlessly.

This is Part 1 of 3 parts of this title, “How to know your custom home? (Continuation 2),” which is featuring Washington, District of Columbia, USA. The other two parts will feature the states of Maryland and Northern Virginia, respectively.

Very informative and most intriguingly insightful Realtors® know most property shoppers are drawn to what they consider “Hot-Areas” for their next purchase. Top marketers spread the word that an area is happening and the mass appeal becomes fruitful. Some shoppers go off what acquaintances boast to them not ever considering that no two properties are the same. Some rely on words of trusted friends and the close proximities to family members on where they would create their home. We Realtors® know the lines of market areas and sells thrift advice, telling you what to look for, where to find it and how to purchase it. However, how many of your real estate professionals know what you will be at home with?

If you are shopping for investments – say, “buy low; sell higher,” then that opens up a different game!

Come HOME in Washington, DC, USA!

Washington, DC was settled to be the site of the federal capital by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton in 1790. During the planning and construction of the city there was a flourishing colonial society inherent from before the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The Chesapeake Bay was fully explored and charted by the Spaniards during the 16th century but very little was known of the area until after John Smith sailed up the Potomac River to Great Falls. Because he could not readily navigate further, the ports of Georgetown (1751) and Alexandria (1748) and Bladensburg (1742) became prominent hubs for trading with settlement tracts beyond the rivers’ edge.

These areas remain noticeable today and you will be able to visit these sites and re-experience some of those atmospheres anytime. Upon George Washington’s application for the federal district to be of “ten miles square” and the 3 river ports became the corners of reference for the Federal City. More detailed, exacting historical information is available about the planning of the city and the development of public buildings and complimentary commercial districts. However please consider this posting as your invitation to HOME in the Greater Area where you will enjoy all the privileges and amenities of living in 3 dominions (Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia) equally.

The layout of Washington, DC is a square standing on points with the upper most pointing to the North. Longitudinally and numbered streets are from East to West or West to East depending on your position from the Capitol Building. Likewise the cross streets are alphabetically increasing the farther away from the Capital Building. After the letters of the alphabets expire, the cross-streets continue to increase also alphabetically but with one syllable names. After the 1-syllable names of streets ends, then the streets are named with 2-syllables, and then 3-syllables names. Does that make sense?

Avenues are mostly names of states and countries. Some are names of constitutional features rand run diagonal through the numbered and cross streets. For examples: the White House address is Pennsylvania Avenue. Two of the longest avenues traversing the city are Massachusetts Avenue and Georgia Avenue. Also; there is a Trinidad Avenue and a Jamaica Avenue, etc. Constitution Avenue and Impendence Avenue branches out from the Capitol Building. So much for avenues as Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue in named after the famous civil rights leader.

That should be enough for the lay of the land. Look at the areas from a redeveloper’s points of respect. My grandfather said, “You have to see the horizons before today; notice the change that made it today; and then see what you can build on it tomorrow.” You will hear “location, location, location” more now than ever since you are entertaining the real estate improvement arena. So, here are some horizons to look at in this global communications capital city – Washington, DC.

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