How to make your own customized house with all the comforts and features you want…and have it the way you love your home…2

All locations within a 50 mile radius of Washington, DC, USA you can buy, customized to your taste with


Location, Location, Location! If you have considered any aspect or real estate of have a conversation with a broker, the most consistent statement uttered almost every time is, “Location, Location, Location.” So what does this mean for you custom homemakers?

The most common situation in real estate searches where there are “close to” information on a listing is when the listing is being hyped. The internet is a powerful advertising tool and the rise of independent websites such as; Trulia, Zillow and Houzz have given customers more ways to find and customize properties. Many brokers feel the need to have their listings in the relatively better location to attract the upwardly mobile shoppers.

There are inherently behaviors for real estate professionals to puff-up the location of properties. After all, it is not like we can move the real property to another location. SO we will list it relative to a better proximity. Many times, the independent website will show different proximity information from the MLS. This is not due to human misrepresentations. I say, my home/business is in Gateway, Washington, DC, USA. Our Gateway designation is a portion of Woodridge, which is in the Northeast quadrant of Washington, DC, USA. The representations are important when the values of properties are concerns. There is more deliberation required when determining how much to pay for a great piece of property you can customize to your own.

Regardless of where your house is located, you can make it into your custom home. Here are some pointers from my former brokerage network. These are videos available on YouTube. You will see others once you start watching one. Just choose your locations or your interest and contact us for details.