How to make your own customized house with all the comforts and features you want…and have it the way you love your home…

Every lower priced real estate owned property you can buy customized to your taste with


1. Get budgets and comps estimates for the areas or neighborhoods you would like to reside.

2. Get a local renovation mortgage expert to pre-qualify you for that amount.

3. Join RodwellBuildingServices – NOW SHOWING tours to visit those areas and get a low-priced REO property that matches your basic requirements.

4. Get estimated costs for renewing said properties and weigh those renovations accordingly to your desires and designs.

5. Assess values to areas of house improvements from code revisions, new additions, to new features with comparable pictures from Metropolitan Regional Information System.

6. Prepare the most aggressive purchase offer and win a Sales Contact.

7. Get inspections and bids from certified contractors to include in your Mortgage Loan applications.

8. Schedule and coordinate Settlements with Mortgage Loan Officer and Contractors to expedite custom re-constructions.

9. Monitor re-construction and appoint the required inspections, quantity and quality surveys, as well as 1 to 5 owner visits.

10. Approve the completion of the work and certify the occupancy permit before moving in.

Enjoy Your Custom Home!!!

Keep in touch so we know when you are ready to sell it to another home-enthusiast like you.