Rodwell O Smith knows that communication makes the difference between getting a really great deal for your property and getting stuck with a remorseful deal that you will never like at all. That’s why RodwellBuildingServices goes the extra measures to learn your wants, needs, likes and dislikes with our F.O.C.U.S. Consult.

We Got It All
We Got It All

Be sure RodwellBuildingServices is providing you the real services and right property for your customizing order through 1. Knowledge; 2. Time; 3. Presentation; 4. Marketing; 5. Negotiation Experience and 6. Transaction Management:

  1. Knowledge: Knowing what makes an exceptional deal for you is priceless. It is RodwellBuildingServices function to remind potential and future actors of this throughout your marketing efforts.
  2. Time: RodwellBuildingServices or you. Do you truly have time to be the real estate professional? You know what you want so hire RodwellBuildingServices to spend our time so you can have it.
  3. Presentation: What is your value or what can you highlight to prepare your property for sale, proper pricing techniques based on market data and conditions, and negotiation skills when that first offer comes in so you don’t miss out. And if you are buying – where is that information laying to your advantage?
  4. Marketing: Buying or selling, it’s more than telling a prospect about what you want but showing how you do it to augment closing the deal. RodwellBuildingServices predictive analytics and know how to strategically promote the solution you pursue via popular media.
  5. Negotiation Experience: Arguing price is bantering – not negotiating. Allowing your market to appreciate your position and agreeing to terms fair to both of you is negotiating the agreement for the transaction.

Finally 6, Transaction Management: Every step every procedure and every outcome for the next few days to the next 7, 14, and 21 – 30 years RodwellBuildingServices preserves your interests and records. Rodwell knows that buying and selling your real estate are lifetime involvement so we expect to keep your valuables in place!

Buy Land Improve Property - Build
Buy Land Improve Property - Build


It is more than taking a property off the shelf then going up to the cashier and swiping your card before taking your property home. Come see how critical we think your real estate transaction is for you!