Rodwell was born for this...Helping people MAKE their dream property.

I first heard about building and real estate when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I was the youngest child and I was anxiously waiting for my parents to hurry home so the entire family can go work on the house.

We shared a rental with another family and a business storefront at the time. My father was a builder/carpenter who built for others during the days. My mother prepared meals at the hospital, tended the store and laundered clothes for visitors to our town. However the biggest excitement was all of us going to build our own home every evening until it was time for bed. I remember fussing to

stay up late each night until I fall asleep. I was very young and the others would continue long after I fell asleep. It was something I liked to do and just because it was past my bedtime – I hated missing the constructions.
It’s always been that way with me. The only time I got distracted was when I saw men building a house on the way to school. The next thing I realized was when the men were packing up to go home and my aunt looking to find out what have I been doing all that time. Building and construction came naturally to me. So right out of high school, after many summers and weekends helping Dad with his home-improvement business, I got jobs inspecting constructors.

I aid clients to increase their property value and profit by making distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements to their real estate. I partner with clients to tackle their most difficult issues and serious life challenges to improve their property’s performance before selling and customizing acquired property to their desire and productivity.

Now I am owner and business manager with 36 years’ progressively successful building and real estate improvement generalist for regional housing and community development organization and contract services with 3 federal agencies and 2 national real estate brokerage houses.

As building services consult, developed modernization budgets in excess of $272 M HUD Grants, installed 18 new public offices with leases and tenant improvements in 5 states, sold numerous houses for selling clients and help procured houses for buyer clients in the Washington, DC metropolitan.

In a cooling real estate market (slow recovery from recession), became Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage sales representative, selling and leasing $1,800,000 in 12 months — not including construction financed transactions over 12 months to close.

Owners and buyers from all over look for my expertise in improving existing buildings as well as developing new ones; and I am the go-to person for first-time buyers as well as the person who wants to sell and upgrade their realty. My intent is not just to improve your business, but to build custom properties worthy of your dreams, vision and wealth.

Rodwell Smith has served many people and most housing organizations. I say housing in the sense that all organizations need housing of some sort and I have helped them the most of them satisfy their real estate construction vision. That’s why I created this business. We have to serve the masses where you wish your custom shelter so we network with the greatest. Whether you are following Rodwell At  Douglas Realty or RodwellBuildingServices, this business is helping you Improve & Sell or Buy & Customize. Remember we are "building your value with real services and right property for your order!"