How you too can FOCUS and accomplish any real estate improvements with your property

“A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.” by Frank Lloyd Wright
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Just imagine what a Realtor® can do for her/his customer!
So if you haven’t engaged a Realtor yet or acquire any real estate of your own, look up RodwellBuildingServices for better real estate and improvements in Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.

How you appreciate your improvements to the real estate you own or use really depends on how much you customized it to suit your needs and desires. If you are renting remember the needs you wanted when you were looking at properties to lease. If you own, reflect upon the visions you had in mind when you were touring properties to buy. The chances are significant that you are interested in more real estate products because you have outgrown those essentials and want to live the way you want to live now.

Whatever the reasons; either the kids are grown and you want a custom home that will be pristine for entertaining occasional visitors or you are just setting out with your growing family and need a house for them to grow. The reasons are personal and your real estate professional should clearly understand those requirements in order to navigate your market area with hopes of finding you the right property. You need the real services of RodwellBuildingServices’ unique FOCUS consultations.

Go online to or and look quickly at properties that seems like it could meet your requirements.

Did you look at a property in your price range?

Did you look at a property in your chosen locations?

Your answers to those types of questions may well covered by your economic circumstance or concealed by environmental stigmas or even reputations you have heard through grape vines. John had a 6 year old house he was trying to sell. John had listed and relisted the property several times for sale but could not originate a buyer willing to pay for such a modern house where it was located.

When John responded to our solicitations, he exclaimed, “What’s the use?” He was conceding to defeat and wanted to know what anyone could do at that point. I must mention that John’s property was a 6-bedroom; 3-above grade federal design house that was in the midst of 100+ year old detached houses and 3-level garden apartment buildings. Moreover, John was asking for over $450,000.00 for his white-elephant.

I asked and learned why he called it a white-elephant. I knew what a white elephant was in real estate but never heard it used for a single house property. He referred to it as a white-elephant because he was convinced that he overdeveloped the property and it has been vacant since he got divorced and no longer needed such a large house. That’s good you know that you built her because you needed her and another person with your similar need just need to know that they don’t have to build from ground up when you are willing to sell. “You need us to communicate your property to the right people,” I stated.

I also noted that none of the other houses in that zip code was selling for that much and the largest was a 4-bedroom Rancher with basement on 3 lots. John’s property also sat on multiple lots because that was inherent in that area. Most replacement developers were going multifamily. The communication between a Seller and their Realtor® is a confidential one so I can only say, John achieved his objectives. Besides I have been admonished not to write such lengthy blogs like the one immediately preceding this so write in your comments and questions and subscribe for updates.

Want to know how you too can FOCUS and accomplish any real estate improvements with your property?

Taking a FOCUS Consultation is a good start to acquiring property even the better.

Are you one whom is interested in owning, selling, leasing or letting real estate? If so, then this is for you.

Quickly: How do you know focus is important for you? Let’s focus on what matters to youand how to make it get better for you. Let us learn and blueprint the keys to your real estate!

Connect your thoughts, wishes, imaginations and desires to a very clear and solid objective. Call it your goal. But it must be rock-solidly imbedded in your worthwhile ideals.

Focus is most important! That’s why RodwellBuildingServices’ customers can fervently describe what they want and will spot it every time after they have started their free F.O.C.U.S. Consult. To have focus means you will eliminate those other things that are not worth your effort and attention. The principle works for everything real and applies better in real estate.

“I will have 20+ acres, 4+ bedrooms, on the waterfront or on a hillside so there is nothing but horizon to see from the verandah. The garage if connected to the main house will accommodate my conversion-van and will central into the grand foyer, the main stairway and the central passageway to all the other main areas of my castle. My house should be around 5,000 square feet of living space yet the bedrooms are not as important as a home office/library and a great room separate from the living room and can’t be mistaken for a dining room.” I can go into more details but that’s enough to score the point.

The Point is; although I live in Washington, DC now, my FOCUS drives me calling on only one real estate professional in the National Capital area who can propose the best solutions for my needs – RodwellBuildingServices, Inc. Besides being affiliated with the most dynamic boutique brokerage houses in the National Capital area, Douglas Realty, LLC covers areas in urban, suburban and rural markets better than any other broker.

Start. Then focus. Then Start Focus again!

Despite how big or small our imagined goals are; or how much we think we are focusing or improving the amount we concentrate, we always shorten our plight by not getting started with any step in the first place. Get off dead center and see how fast your goal achievements gain momentum. Think of it as an easier start – now that you have ideas of your worthwhile ideals.

O is for organizing your requirements. Make deliberate connections to yourself. It’s a start. Somethings could be very simple that you can do without for now as well as the additional expense. I am sure you can find a pencil and a piece of paper. But if you can’t, think of your requirements this way until you can write it somewhere:

Practicum: If you find it difficult, consult us and we’ll find your focus as we go. “I know some people whom live in the strangest places the average person imagine for a home. Whether they reside on top of one of the buildings they own, or on their boat on the waterfront where they have no need for an automobile, or they live on a horse farm and have endless amounts of autos for getting to their business dependably, that’s exactly how they want to be. When I ask; that’s all they ever thought about – and that’s how they are having it.” You can start your focus by just deciding on what will make you satisfied as far as your real estate is pertinent.

The Point is; you can start by using your imagination like a camera. When you first think of the real estate property that you would like, it may be when you are visiting with a wealthier person and like their house. Naturally, you think you can’t afford it. However, the more you think about you start noticing houses in your comfort zone. So, once you start thinking of it the more it becomes attainable.

C is for Compile, Compose, and Choose so you can reject what don’t make sense for your real estate.

If you noticed when you were doing the earlier Practicum, you will start to notice real estate that you have never saw before. It did not just appear. You may have browsed through some real estate listings on and before you did the exercise but now you will appreciate the contents much better. Better yet, you will drive the same route you always traveled and the exact property you always dreamt of owning will be standing out to you. A more fun start is to snap a picture of your favorite property and post it into a contest like RodwellBuildingServices Instagram Photo Contest. Just that small fun action will start many amazing reactions.

The Point is; when one has focus on, one will not see that which is not worthy of one’s focus. The activities that don’t warrant your focus is what tires you quickly. In real estate, it’s the exhaustion you hear from buyers and sellers who lack F.O.C.U.S. They are leaving to see every house on sale – with the hopes that they won’t miss anything. Choosing to FOCUS is better than simply looking at everything to work on owning or selling.

The hardest shares of any endeavor are the unknown consequences. The U in FOCUS is for understanding that real estate transactions are processes and that no two are ever the same. Every real estate wheeler and dealer will agree, “no two transactions are the same.” I watched an episode of “The Deal” on CNBC where a developer complained that he bought the wrong property. But, I am still perplexed. It is not as if you can pick up the property and switch it with another as if you were buying an item at the grocery store.

First you decide your budget (how much you can afford). Then you do a preliminary property search based upon that decision – or an agent search for additional and one-on-one interface. When you focus, you won’t have to back-track or pump your brakes at every step you process. It will seem like a lot of fun that will make others envious of you. Because you made it fun.

It’s easier when you focus on what you need than what you want so the wants can take care of themselves. Shoppers come to Open Houses complaining and tired of looking. But are they looking or just going through the motion. One can tell because of what they reply when they’re asked, “what are they looking for?”

If you were FOCUS and the only way to have what you reverently desire, you’d have no problem locating that. Because it would be all that get into your vision. Imagine this; if you are looking for a house Uptown and plan to browse Open Houses on Sunday afternoons, you would be having brunch Uptown Sunday mornings. That way it won’t seem like work to drive all the way uptown to, “go look at houses.” You’d get to see your dreams come to realization after a wonderful luncheon on Sundays’ outings.

It has never been Getting! So, I don’t see why people refer to it, “as what can I get for it” or “what can I get it for” Personally, whenever I acquire anything or choose to dispossess something (no matter how insignificant) it was through my deliberate action. The S in FOCUS stands for Settling decisions.

In real estate settlement can be drawn down to that process where you symbolize the 3-Ds. Upon to that hour, your Dialogues, Your Deeds, and your Documentations can be altered and reversed. However, after all that diligence your rights to property will never be the same until a subsequent settlement. But never think of it as a getting.

Because the world around you won’t recognize your rights to that property until it is recorded by the State. You must recognize this and take control of your decisions, step-by-step, to improve your real estate focus. RodwellBuildingServices is for making real estate better for life and living delivering your real services and the right property for your order.

Our customized Real Estate cuisine is for everyone’s personal realty needs. We are a full-service boutique Real Estate firm, providing value-added professional advice and service. Our F.O.C.U.S. consult will prescribe a complete customized expedition through your own real estate experience! You can set-up a search on to see what your neighbors’ prices are. Also, you can set-up a social search on our Facebook FAN page for an area where you would love to move someday to see what you can expect. No rush just go see what you LIKE now!

Full Selling Services & Listing: Negotiated Price

F.O.C.U.S. Consultation, competitive market analysis, MLS, staging home for showing, social advertising, updates. Motivating contract offers, arrangement of inspections, attending settlement/closing. FOCUS will present your property on global listing. Which means your property will be onto over 727 websites around the world.

Comprehensive Buyer Services: 4.0% of Listed Property Sale Price / 7.0% for successfully closing your purchase on an Unlisted Property Contract Price. When you see a property you like and it is not up for sale, we move forward on your behalf just the same.

Shop by areas or by property types or special features that you are interested in the value you deserve. Our F.O.C.U.S. Consultation includes but is not limited to your income/financing needs, title acquisition information and closing costs, various types of properties and their physical needs that could satisfy your requirements. It at the very least determines your highest probable acquisition methods and avenues that will drive your desires into your custom property. We have the real estate and the construction expertise to locate your dream home and save you time, money and aggravations of you trying to do it on your own.

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