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Around the Greater Capital Area in Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia you have or inherited one or more real properties that you would like to have the highest amount of value for when you dispossess them.
RodwellBuildingServices is organized to serve your desires for glamorously marketing existing properties repackaging them into customized properties buyers have been dreaming about so you can benefit from the upside of your value-added real estate product. Follow the link so you can accomplish your goals and get us working with you:

RodwellBuildingServices the premiere real estate agency for customers buying “to-be-constructed” new and “to-be-renovated” reseller properties in the Greater Capital Area in Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia metropolitan area is offering sellers and buyers alike the lowest cost of selling your property. That’s 3-points less than the combined real estate and construction management fees for contract values less than a million dollars.

For Sellers; RodwellBuildingServices will manage all aspects of your project from competitively pricing, marketing and sales, to estimating custom constructions for new properties and remodels if you Contact-Us before January 31st, 2018. You can also Vote for your favorite kind of Classically-DC Style property before December 31st, 2017 and receive said benefits as well.

For Shoppers and Buyers; you will receive pre-qualifying services from any of several independent lending institutions who are qualified and participating in using a renovation mortgage financing program like a FHA 203Kor a Fannie Mae HomeStyle® loans. These programs are similar to construction loans consumers get from standard banks and conventional financial institutions. However they are specially designed products developed specifically by their named quasi-government agency directly for the primary residence developer. Comparable to mass developers, you can: Buy now, Customize before You Move In, and begin to Pay One monthly mortgage note thereafter. RodwellBuildingServices & HomeStyle or FHA 203K provides you selections from over 14,000 existing suitable structures. Several has to be in your chosen location and you can instantly negotiate modern customizations and pay for them together in 1 monthly mortgage repayment if you register using a renovation mortgage financing program like a FHA 203Kor a Fannie Mae HomeStyle® loans before January 31, 2018.

Register now for valuable service based on over thirty-five years of professional experience and expertise serving as representative to custom home makers, landlords, property improvement managers, and general constructors with full-time onsite quality surveyors. As your representative, services include inspecting your properties or your selections containing yards, and buildings for general property rights, conditions and physical deficiencies to facilitate planning and/or to develop technical specifications for your projects. Help you projecting budgets and specifications for securing improvements or an AS-IS sale.

Connect with RodwellBuildingServices today. Our services network brand ambassadors, investors and lifetime customers are the key in establishing relationships for following through achieving your real estate goals. Rodwell Building Service help you build collaborative relationships with construction PM’s, contractors, and vendors in planning and scheduling acquisition project’s objectives. You will identify, evaluate, and select quality construction vendors from all trades. Moreover the business helps you facilitate contractor identification, development, & communications. This top real estate agent will assist you kick-off pre-bid, pre- construction and attend your in-progress job meetings with contractors.

Choosing RodwellBuildingServices is about dependably selling your property fast and getting the custom property you always wanted most cost effectively. Being the best real estate agent for you means dealing with specific property owners and specialty buyers effectively that will only work with you if you present the solutions they prefer.
You will get to manage vendor deliverables, their workflows and evaluate pricing and approve invoicing. Choosing RodwellBuildingServices allows you to FOCUS on your project just as efficiently as multiple projects. The real estate agency ensures work is done in accordance with contractual provisions includes handling all service requests and complaints from members (residents) quickly and thoroughly and fairly administering landlord/tenant’s contractual obligations when involved. What more could you require for your real estate improvements provider?

Hire comprehensive real estate services that constantly over deliver results for its end users. When you using a renovation mortgage financing program like a FHA 203Kor a Fannie Mae HomeStyle® loan we are established to go the extra mile to make sure your custom real estate is delivered on time as well as ensure that all construction timelines are met. We keep you in the know about construction work progressions and completions ensuring corrections to outstanding and defective work has been satisfactorily completed to the acceptance of your HUD certified consultant.

Your Testimony and your Value Add-ons are the key feature to keeping our customers happy. By going the extra mile because we care, customers are able to identify the value add and can compare it with the competition to help them make performing our duties agreed to in all our Real Estate Services Value Statement.