Join the Realty Club! Membership has Online Real Estate Transactions

On January 1, 2020 and any time thereafter the following Online Real Estate Transaction Services will be available for purchase in RodwellBuildingServices Realty Club.

Online Real Estate Transactions, Online Live Listing Tours, Property's Physical Needs Assessments, Buyers' and Sellers' Financial Needs Assessments

Online Real Estate Transactions are like live Auctions without the upfront deposits of Large Amounts of Funds. At all Times and Incidence, other buyers can Offer to buy any property for more than you contracted up to the moment before your Settlement.

In order to protect you and provide you with "the real services and the right properties for your order" safely and expeditiously, RodwellBuildingServices will institute the following policies formalizing our online real estate transactions confidentially via the Realty Club

Upon receiving your invitation to any transaction:

  • Please confirm the information in the Preliminary Agency Agreements and verify your mailing address so RodwellBuildingServices can establish your account and our Real Estate Agency Agreements accordingly with each jurisdiction you are interested doing any transactions.
  • Prepare the information for uploading into the Document Management System.
  1. Photocopy or Scanned copy of 2-picture IDs showing Buyers/Sellers name and picture on file.
  1. Evidence proof of all Buyers/Sellers named mailing address (State Issued Picture Identification Card and 2 other mailed documents from senders' letterhead and addressed to your present u.s.p.s. mailing address.
  1. Evidence proof of all Buyers/Sellers finances/financing: 1. Copy of banking statements showing deposit of funds to substantiate your offer or 2. Letters from responsive Lender/Mortgage Broker stating Pre-Approval or Pre-Qualifying circumstances for all Buyers/Sellers.

RodwellBuildingServices will prepare and write your offer for your review and execution prior to submitting it to all Buyers/Sellers respectively within 12-hours you demonstrate that you are able to do it with all the information above.

You are entitled to have independent inspection/survey of the property before your Settlement on that property and any time after all Buyers/Sellers contracts are ratified.

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