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Before closing up my computer and head home for dinner on this slow, dreary, rain-soaked day, I can only imagine that I will get more calls for RodwellBuildingServices™ tomorrow. We have some heavy revamping to recover the business we experienced the year before last year’s downer. Please bear with us, I can’t help but post a few words of encouragement to the home shoppers who came in earlier and were not quite ready to purchase their own home.

Here are some reflections of an explorer – a famous conquistador and discoverer of these lands. We have a holiday named for him!

The first thing to learn is, “stop being so hard on yourself for a little setback.” Remember, two of the world’s greatest discoveries were made from setbacks that were seeming disappointments.

  1. Christopher Columbus set sails to go to the East via a course due west – subsequently, the West Indies was discovered.
  2. When he, Christopher Columbus, found too much land to sail across — he gave the discovery to his second captain, Amerigo, the credit to defray the setback. The two continents of North and South America became known to the old world.

Since you have the desire to get what you want and you have ventured to see what your present position is in contention for you getting there, you can create the income to bring it to your fruition.

It’s only a few more dollars that separate you from your dream. The economy is getting better so you just have to continue

Keep building!

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