RodwellBuildingServices customized Real Estate menu is for everyone's need. We are a full fledged boutique Real Estate firm offering value-added professional advice and appurtenant services. Our F.O.C.U.S. consult will prescribe a complete customized expedition through your own real estate experience! Set-up a search on  to see what your neighbors prices are. Also set-up a social search on our Facebook FAN page for an area where you would love to move someday to see what you can expect. No rush just go see what you LIKE now!

Comprehensive Real Estate services includes: Listing, Advertising, Showing, Negotiating Prices, Proposing Offers, Preparing and Ratifying Contracts, Inspection, Construction/Renovation Management (for either buyers and sellers).

F.O.C.U.S. Consultation, competitive market analysis, MLS, staging home for showing, social advertising, updates. Motivating contract offers, arrangement of inspections, attending settlement/closing. Global listing of your property in over 726 websites around the world.

Historically Preserved Row Houses Apartments
Historically Preserved Row Houses Apartments

Comprehensive Buyer Services: 3.0% of Listed Property Sale Price / 5.0% for successfully closing your purchase on an Unlisted Property Contract Price. When you see a property you like and it is not up for sale, we move forward on your behalf just the same.


Shop by areas or by property types or special features that you are interested in the value you deserve. Our F.O.C.U.S. Consultation includes but is not limited to your income/financing needs, title acquisition information and closing costs, various types of properties and their physical needs that could satisfy your requirements. Possible acquisition methods and avenues that will drive your desires in your custom property. We have the real estate and the construction expertise to locate your dream home and save you time trying to do it on your own.