Pandemic Unemployment Will Affect Your Buying Real Estate…

And; May Improve Your Selling or Buying Too!

Check it out. Your finances may require explaining the obvious responses to the underwriter who has to question why you have received less income in recent months. However, before you get frustrated, just learn some proactive measures while yoou are browsing those fine houses online.

"The coronavirus pandemic has led to record-high unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression. And this is particularly worrisome for would-be home buyers.

If you were among the 23.1 million Americans who were laid off or furloughed, you might be worried about your financial future. And if you were hoping to buy a house—either now or in the next few years—you might also wonder how your current jobless status might affect those plans."

How Unemployment Can Affect Your Plans To Buy a Home—Now and Later

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