Real Estate Services in Alexandria, Virginia


Are you looking for real estate in Alexandria? Or are you planning to sell it?

RodwellBuildingServices is the favorite real estate business in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. We excel at dealing with properties to the requirements of our clients.

When planning to move to another area, you may face problems when it comes to buying new property, selling or letting the old property. In this we provide additional value to home owners. We not only purchase property, we also deal with leasing and letting property.

Therefore, if you are looking for real estate in Alexandria, you now know who to approach!

Apart from this, we also provide custom home building services. Whether you are looking to remodel your existing property or are looking for complete construction of your homes, we do it all. For this, RodwellBuildingServices also provides construction and project management services.

In addition to this, you can also get consultation from RodwellBuildingServices regarding your property. Whatever your dream house is, RodwellBuildingServices guarantee that we will find you one. Whether it is a town house, condo, multi-family or single-family house that you are looking for, we provide services in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area.

Any design additions or remodeling that you want, RodwellBuildingServices does it all before you move in. If you any questions regarding buying and renewing a house with financing with a renovation mortgage such as a FHA – 203K or FANNIE Mae HomeStyle®, feel free to call us.

From our proprietary F.O.C.U.S Consultations with clients and consideration the requirements, we create a price packages that specifically caters to our clients’ desires and budgets.



Present Listings in Alexandria and Arlington Virginia

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