Dynasty Electric Fireplace Insert EF58D


Dynasty Electric Fireplace Insert EF58D

Allow space for Santa Claus sleigh and reindeers to stay a while because they will be warming up when you have this Dynasty Electric Fireplace Insert EF58D.

No logs to split or buy!

No smoke to blow out!

No ash to clean up!

No sparks or flames to smother!

No flue to draw out the warmth!

…and most of all no chimney to clean every spring!


Really; if you must let Santa in for Christmas, these fireplaces are so neat you leave Santa a key to the door.


Any room any place where your families gather to chat, eat a meal or toast cheers of a tele-video event can be enhanced with this electric fireplace summer evening.  These modern Dynasty Electric Fireplaces offer a new family space to enjoy long summer evenings as well as cold winter huddles.  By adding a Dynasty Electric Fireplace to any wall is the perfect way to warm your unique living space.


Modern-And-Traditional-Fireplaces can be upgraded with a Dynasty Electric Fireplace insert as well.


Accept that fireplaces are luxury home elements, and give a beautiful appearance to the room they are placed in.  This is why a Dynasty Electric Fireplace versatility and function will help you to make the most of this cozy area.


Shop for room fragrances, mantel ideas, even fireplace candles, find a vast amount of different accessories to make your Dynasty Electric Fireplace a customized experience just for you.




Product Specifications: • 120 Volt AC, 1500W / 5000BTU on high heat and 750W / 2500BTU on low heat
• Remote control for adjustable flame and heating operation
• No ventilation required
• Sleep timer from 1/2 hour to 9 hours
• Controllable temperature from 16ºC to 28ºC (60ºF to 82ºF)
• Recessed installation
• Energy saving products



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