High quality, meticulously built and wholeheartedly customized houses to suit your lifestyle is important to us, why?

Your custom home is dear to you, your family and your friends!

With 1 RodwellBuildingServices' FOCUS Consultation progress meeting you will get to customize your searching, you will customize your purchasing, and ultimately customize your custom home style, features, and amenities. Bring yourself home today!

It preserves your preeminence in the Nations' Capitol

From your F.O.C.U.S. consultation, RodwellBuildingServices can take all of your requirements and desires into consideration, selecting properties that would work best for you. Why don't you give us a try?
If you book an appointment today, I can guarantee we can do see 3 properties you can choose tomorrow. How does that sound?

It improves your overall stuture and well being in the community

Maybe, you need to have a new home in place in 30, 60, 90 days. Working backwards from that day and factoring in your needs, it looks like we'd need to have an idea of what location you prefer. Share it with us and subscribe to our news. We will be here for you, so take as long as you'd like, but I know you will love learning the tips and seeing the spectacular home designs and SMART deals we publish!

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Finding your fully customized property is simply a contact us away! Savings

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So how does it work?

Using our F.O.C.U.S. Consult browse through our selection of wonderful listings

Find your gem in all the listings of coal piled in the market. You decide your needs and satisfactions and we show you how to get them the way you like. RodwellBuildingServices™ benefits keen real property sellers and buyers in Washington, DC and up to 50 miles around Maryland and Virginia. Did you know we offer a designer, CAD/Revit drafter, and a professional 3D Visualization renderer for your property’s customizations before you buy? pick out a property from,,, and or from your favorite broker’s website and book a consult with me. You will be amazed at your possibilities.

Propose, Finance and Close

Are you qualified? Do you have the length of income and the credit to agree for you owning the property you want plus the extensions to make it into what you desire? Knowing that  is no problem with one of our comprehensive lenders. So whether you are affording FHA-203K, profiling FANNIE Mae HomeStyle, or  pronouncing  a conventional construction loan -- build-to-suit, RodwellBuildingServices™ have matched users to properties and modified properties to users for over 35 years. Our specialties are our capabilities to uncover the desires of prospective owners and users then pointing them towards their matched properties in the market; as well as our capabilities to modernizing and upgrading physical properties to meet the most demanding market standards and values.

Take delivery and move right in free of charge and one note to pay!

Inspect when the customization is done and move right in anytime. Most properties are almost perfect – the locations are great, and you see the property’s special potential. And with a construction/renovation mortgage loan and RodwellBuildingServices™ you will contract custom improvements when you buy and get that property off the market and make it a valuable part of the community again. You will fund your custom improvements and purchase: You will borrow enough to make your purchase plus enough to contract top-line reliable constructors to building your improvements. Because the financial Institutions and the Government are involved, contractors are leaning over backwards to finish your project on time so you can move right in on schedule. Home Sweet Home!