535 Carrollton Ave N, Baltimore, MD 21223 (3)
535 Carrollton Ave N, Baltimore, MD 21223 (5)
535 Carrollton Ave N, Baltimore, MD 21223 (5)



  1. Description of Services:


Ms. Devaley Riley has a requirement to completely restore the interior/exterior of house No. 535 N CARROLTAN AVENUE, BALTIMORE, MD 21223. The works shall be done as per the scope of work, specifications, and general contract conditions. This project requires an experienced registered contractor to execute and completer the project.

The Contractor shall provide all labor, material tools, equipment, supervision, and other related items required to complete the project as per the scope of work and specifications. Contractors are advised to visit the site, verify the existing site conditions to develop their proposal.

SITE VISITING DATE: Thursday, January 14, 2021, 1:00 P.M. Local times


  1. Summary of the Major Tasks
    • Demolish and later reconstruct 12’ Length by 16’ Width; 2-levels of the poorly constructed deck with roof addition to the extreme rear of structure addressed 535 North Carrollton Avenue Baltimore MD 21223.
    • Demolish and later reconstruct the existing kitchen area ceiling framing and completely removing the bedroom walls and roof above the kitchen to level the kitchen ceiling and the bedroom above the kitchen with the same levels of the house.
    • Excavate the existing basement floor to lower the floor 16" and provide cast-in-place concrete flooring to finish the basement at the new level.
    • Extend the masonry sidewalls of the existing structure at approximately 26 inches so it will support the new solarium room/deck. Frame and install a new solarium room/deck above the bedroom over the kitchen. Provide new roofing and wall framing for the new solarium room on the third level.
    • Demolish and remove the existing masonry wall on the house that is crumbling so windows can be made into that rear wall that is framed.
    • Frame or order prefabricate stairways to meet the new building codes for 12’ high floors. Threads must be 12” wide and risers should be no more than 10” high.
    • Insert permanent wall furring members and flooring joist members to make temporary work to more permanent framing wall support for roofs and floors throughout the main portion of the house.
    • Structurally, open duct in the floors to permit the new forced air systems to pass through the floors from the basement to the third level.
    • Provide and install plumbing for 4 bathrooms and 1 kitchen
    • Provide and install electrical service, control panels, and distribution wiring circuitry throughout the renovated house.
    • Provide and install gas piping from the existing service meter to the new gas-fired furnace and water heater to be installed in a mechanical room and the gas stove/oven in the kitchen.
    • Main house exterior painting and refinishing all woodworks outsides.
    • Install drywall sheathing to the interior throughout, finish smooth and paint.
    • Installing Kitchen island and deep wider sink for dishwashing.


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