Rodwell Building Services, Inc, commonly known as RodwellBuildingServices, brings the acquisition and development of single and multi-family affordable housing improvements to the individual buyer/owner/occupier’s level. No longer will you fear the formidable feats of buying and selling a fixer-upper or a cookie-cutter property – with RodwellBuildingServices you can buy and customize; improve and sell with the only realty developments buying & selling agency in Northern Virginia, District of Columbia & Maryland.

RodwellBuildingServices focuses efforts on customizing existing properties modernizing them, eliminating long-term maintenance, and operating risks, improving energy efficiency, all while implementing upgrades specifically targeted toward improving community and lifestyle for their end-users. Yes! Whether you are an organization or by yourself, you can buy your real estate customize it for resale or for keeps. RodwellBuildingServices administers each stage of any property development process – from locating and acquiring the property, procuring debt and equity financing, overseeing the construction and rehabilitation phases, commissioning its operations, and instituting long-term asset goals and objectives.

From way before RodwellBuildingServices’ was formed in 2011, the principal construction manager has successfully redeveloped over 3,000 residential units. Most of these redevelopments have involved the substantial renovation of existing, government-subsidized housing along with capital improvements to privately owned commercial structures. RodwellBuildingServices evaluated and proposed various funding sources for these developments through a combination of grants, tax credits, financing, federal and local governmental loans, privately placed debt, and equity investments.