Relocating your home or business to the USA’s National Capital Region with RodwellBuildingServices!

Relocating your home or business to the USA's National Capital Region? You need Rodwell Building Services' real estate!

Ever since I can remember, I was always fascinated with my Dad’s and Grandfather’s proficiency very fervently. They could start with someone’s desire and a bare piece of land and create a structure for the most appreciative buyer to live a better life. I believe improvements upon land has a life cycle purpose that must renew just as the plants and animals do naturally. I also know I am one to execute some of the said renewals.

I have over 40 years of integrating realty resolves and implementing solutions for tenants, facilitators, property owners, housing providers, real estate developers, and government agencies; and I can continue to do it 40 years more.


1509 Buchanan Street NW, Washington, DC 20011 Rear Yard and Secure Parking
1509 Buchanan Street NW, Washington, DC 20011 Rear Yard and Secure Parking

I love driving property improvements and being a well-rounded construction executive with an entrepreneurial spirit; I enjoy delivering the real services and the right property for every customer’s order. RodwellBuildingServices produce home, land and real estate developments of all kinds. The going concern is the fullest extension of my resourcefulness selling projects and parallel tracking their fruition with economical efficiencies and thereby passing the values to our customers.


RodwellBuildingServices is the career achievement I'm most proud of. Especially since it started from full utilization of my know-how, every moment of skills and

548 23rd Place Northeast, Washington, DC 20002 -4
548 23rd Place Northeast, Washington, DC 20002 -4

technical capabilities. Managing the business’ daily functions permits me to travel around the National Capital Region producing customers and calling on both residential and commercial prospects while proposing real estate improvement solutions and property acquisitions that recycle my forefathers' professions.

We are RodwellBuildingServices™. We are the customized houses and modern property names in the real estate, building, and construction industries. Our customers are firm income earners who want a home and/or their business placed in the National Capital area. We speak to our customers as a Property Improvement and Modernization Builder/Realtor expert. If we haven't provided you with “the real services and the right property for your order,” at any time up to 5 years -- we will sell it back from you and help you with a more custom fit.


I learned that despite the many transactions that I have done, I look forward anxiously to the next one, often surpassing my prior accomplishments. I passionately believe in property rights and best use propositions. My niche in the real estate industry even though very inconsistent is customized real estate. Constructed-to-order real estate contentment is my life of services and daily adventures in and around the capital of the free world.

Customized Renewed Homes and Apartment Blgs.
Customized Renewed Homes and Apartment Buildings

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