SHOP YOUR WAY – When and where should you start with your own custom home?

By the end of reading this post you might think this information should have been fixed into the actual pages of this blog instead of a post. Fortunately, we agree with you because it is already included. This post is just a mere formality. It is logging it so you know we are always delivering all that you expect from Rodwell Building Service.

More and more readers like you are asking, “Why RodwellBuildingServices and not Rodwell Smith Sells or Rodwell Sells?” Consequently, just in case you have not view the blog entirely and want the short quick response to the question. Our business is a real estate agency but we provide real estate improvement services.


When it comes to real estate, people are just buying and selling their property. “So what the he-two-sticks does selling and services have anything to do with it?” you may further ask. Therefore, here are your answers:

When you are a Seller of property:

RodwellBuildingServices is accountable. This agency takes absolute, unequivocal and total responsibility for the stuff we sell, from the most valuable real estate transactions to the accumulation of value improvements we assist you build onto your state.

When you are contemplating your disposition of properties, it’s an integral part of our services that we understand what motivates you as-well-as what you are expecting from our industry. It is also important we exchange what you are thinking based upon your experiences with your property so we can best supply your demand and anticipations from RodwellBuildingServices. That’s why we developed F.O.C.U.S. It is our propriety to uncover your solutions. Until you come upon us, the following are values RodwellBuildingServices bring to the table every time. See if there is something we can add just for you, uniquely:

  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get the highest possible net price.
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get us; an advocate and a partner.
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get RodwellBuildingServices on your side and on your team.
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get emotional support because all sellers get stressed and some are not selling for happy reasons.
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get empathy because we just have to understand you. No other way about it!
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get yours’s truly – all calls are answered promptly and email replied to same day.
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get in-the-know communication. You won’t ever have to call you to see what’s going on and we will report issues with immediate resolves because we are one step ahead.
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get accurate market data, information and statistics. Look for our “Understanding Comps” worksheet soon.
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get reliable interpretations of local and international market in relations to your property. We advertise on global markets and Veteran Administration’s channels.
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get the job done fast. If there is no time to be remorseful; there aren’t any regrets.
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get detailed level to your project management.
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get confidence.
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get to achieve your objectives without emotional backlashing. And lastly,
  • When you are selling with RodwellBuildingServices, you get to love the fact that your most viable business decision was Choosing RodwellBuildingServices.

That’s RodwellBuildingServices added value list when you are selling properties. What else could you want?

Better yet; what would you like us to do for you when you are selling your property?

Muovendosi bene!

We at RodwellBuildingServices know that one size doesn’t fit all. I have been involved in some characteristic of real estate improvements for all of life. My father and his father were builders and I was drafting building plans and blueprints in high school. My first employment the summer after graduation was inspecting the constructions of contractors before managing mass housing modernization projects for housing agencies. However, it was not until a peculiar realization that I decided to make this point to all of our customers. “You will never buy what you have no need for using.”

Real estate is exchanging the rights to real property. RodwellBuildingServices represent you in both areas. When you already have the property and want to exchange it for currency as well as when you have the ability to originate currency and exchange it for some rights to property – this agency can represent you either or in both circumstances. I was procuring the rights for federal government agencies to utilize the space that would be customized by the property owner to meet the requirements of the prospective government agency who agrees to a long term lease agreement before becoming a license Realtor®. As a licensed Realtor® I would be able to serve the general public. So what was the peculiar revelation? You might be asking.

Now that you are interested in real estate, have you gotten the impression that sales agents are bombarding you with properties that offers nothing close to what you want? It is important you reflect upon that question. You won’t get the following revelation less you do. So go ahead and reflect. Remember the popups on your PC and Smartphone because it will make sense after this.

“SHOP YOUR WAY” I am making sure that you do that every time with anything you want whether you are paying a big price or getting a concession. Never be sold on any property, it should be your custom property otherwise pass onto another that meet your customs. My peculiar revelation was that it was way past 7 months and I had listed and sold 2 properties, leased up 5 or 6 that my real estate agent colleagues came to me saying that they had a property for sale and would I like to show it off for them. I could not understand it. After all those successful activities and resilience that I am a meaningful salesperson, what made all the other salespeople recognize my worth? I was asking. The answer was simple. I had gone out into the free world and helped someone who never thought about buying property before – I have gotten them to move forward and start the pre-qualifying process to purchase real estate. Once that was known, every other agent was beckoning for me to show the property they had for sale.

Nothing was so peculiar about that. Except for no one asked what kind of property my prospect was interested in buying. And I mean, nobody asked. Not even to this day has anyone (agency or broker) asked that highly essential query. It is as if salespeople do not care what consumers want. They are ready to sell them what they have for sale without any regards to that fact. So my revelation is “Shop Your Way” and while you are doing it you will find RodwellBuildingServices is the service you need to take along.

All human beings consume real estate in some function and arrangement. The uses of real estate satisfy our core need for existence. SO whether you are buying, selling, leasing or letting you will want RodwellBuildingServices on your side.

When you are a Buyer of property:

“Why should a buyer purchase property through RodwellBuildingServices?”

An effective response is, “because RodwellBuildingServices know what you are looking for purchasing.” So how could that be? What makes us stand out amongst all our competitors, directly and indirectly? Any real estate broker/agent can show you properties A few above average agents around can say, they do a myriad of things to keep customers loyal. However, only RodwellBuildingServices has F.O.C.U.S. Consultation to uncover the customer’s needs and desires – it can program solutions for future real estate needs that it keeps customers coming back for second and third round. RodwellBuildingServices has lifetime customers. Many are multi-generational. Meaning, parents call us saying, “Our children are ready to move on their own, give them some guidance, Rodwell.”

When you are looking at properties, let’s look at some services RodwellBuildingServices offer buyers:

  • RodwellBuildingServices F.O.C.U.S. Consultation is a constant counseling session to determine their needs, hopes and desires even while you are touring and evaluating properties.
  • RodwellBuildingServices F.O.C.U.S. Consultation utilizes local team affiliates for the mortgage, title, warranty and insurance specifically to suit your needs and streamlining your experience.
  • RodwellBuildingServices F.O.C.U.S. Consultation is an immediate on-hand resource for inspection and when you require defined environmental and certified appraisal services, we have the best rolodex for those reliable expertises.
  • RodwellBuildingServices F.O.C.U.S. Consultation is consistent communication on your in-the-know basis; we notify you via email and ask you questions as well. Our calls may seem redundant but you need to know.
  • RodwellBuildingServices F.O.C.U.S. Consultation and representation provides you with stronger negotiating gambits. Inquire about your BATNA – everyone’s different.
  • RodwellBuildingServices F.O.C.U.S. Consultation cuts through all the fluff saving your time by showing you property that matches your criteria. Without RodwellBuildingServices F.O.C.U.S. Consultation, how can we know your criteria? Get it?
  • RodwellBuildingServices F.O.C.U.S. Consultation determines if you need to knock on the door of a FSBOs or NYFSBOs. That is For-Sale-By-Owner and Not-Yet-For-Sale By Owners. Hey if you are buying and an owner with your ideal property was waiting for the right offer, how else will either of you know unless Rodwell knocks on the door. What if they tried selling a few weeks before you came around? Rodwell asks for your solutions.
  • RodwellBuildingServices F.O.C.U.S. Consultation not only searches for potential new listings, with your criteria in FOCUS we network with other brokers, arrange showings on your buyer’s schedule and we customize your Pricing Analysis so you can make very educated decisions.
  • RodwellBuildingServices F.O.C.U.S. Consultation restructures your contract offer of sale so your offer wins the agreement. Then the rest is rudimentary scheduling and supervising your professional surveys, inspections and appraisals.
  • RodwellBuildingServices F.O.C.U.S. Consultation pushes FHA 203K and Fannie Mae HomeStyle® or Homepath renovation mortgage loan purchases because in-depth methods for getting customers what they need warrants those kinds of purchases.

Now that you realize that RodwellBuildingServices includes a lots of customized provisions for real estate buyers and sellers. Do you think that when you are shopping again (whether shopping for a buyer of property or shopping for the actual property to own), would you want any other than to SHOP YOUR WAY?

RodwellBuildingServices is available in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia.