Shorten the purchase and construction times on your fully custom-built house so you will move in quicker.

How to shorten the construction time for your fully customized home and move in earlier.

RodwellBuildingServices™ helps real property owners and managers improving the physical conditions with customizing features of the various types of properties located within a 50-mile radius of Washington, DC in Maryland and Northern Virginia. RodwellBuildingServices™ purpose is building upon every customer's real estate wealth by helping them acquire new properties or improving upon their existing possessions and maximize the values disposing of these assets — through the interdisciplinary real estate redevelopment expertise in construction, marketing, and finance. You also get insightful guidance and detailed property searches and selections, which enables you to customize and maximize the projected values of any real estate before you squander your investment. Based upon RodwellBuildingServices™ F.O.C.U.S. Consultation, you will gain Solutions and Recommendations, specifically for your circumstances, needs, wants and desires. Furthermore, RodwellBuildingServices' specializes in renovation mortgage financing for you combining acquisition and improvements in one trust enables you to find the best properties for your order. Renowned for its lifetime customer relationships you get the same services when you are adding to your holdings and when your offspring are setting up their real property treasures. Of course, RodwellBuildingServices comes highly recommended and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So, our secured website enables new patrons to learn more creative real estate development tactics and strategies and collaborate with tips on lucrative deals.

Nobody knows this metropolitan better than Rodwell and we look forward to interviewing with you for your realty needs. RodwellBuildingServices™ have matched users to properties and modified properties to users for over 35 years. Our specialties are our capabilities to uncover the desires of prospective owners and users then pointing them towards their matched properties in the market as well as our capabilities to modernizing and upgrading physical properties to meet the most demanding market standards and values. Have a project in mind; pick out a property from,, and Homesnap or from your favorite broker's website and book a consult with us. I will be very appreciative of you referring our services to members of your network in the National Capital Region.

RodwellBuildingServices™ have matched users to properties and modified properties to users for over 35 years. Our business began selling real estate because both builders and shoppers wanted more of the real services and the right properties for their orders. Please send me an email directly to I can show you apartments in Arlington that are also featured on,,, and or from your favorite website and book a consult with me. You may also telephone me on 202-760-5265 to discuss all your possibilities.

As real estate development marketing and sales professional with high-level management experience in the industry, I learned that the best way to achieve success is to leverage the resources I have with well-defined business objectives and real estate business development and redevelopment propositions.

RodwellBuildingServices is a Real Estate/Business Development Management and Capital Improvement enterprise that benefits keen real property sellers, buyers and users in Washington, DC and up to 50 miles around Maryland and Northern Virginia with the real services and the right property for their order! Our business will be a perfect fit for your business providing turnkey living solutions that enable people and facilities for organizations to seamlessly move between different buildings and neighborhoods, fostering growth and achievements.

I'd like to add you to my network. RodwellBuildingServices™ benefits keen real property sellers and buyers in Wash., DC; up to 50 miles in Maryland and Virginia. We offer designs, CAD/3D Visual renderings before you buy? And; we do that with 1 financing all rolled up into 1 mortgage.

A FHA 203k loan allows you to borrow money, using only one loan, for both the house improvement and the house purchase. These loans can also be used just for house improvements when you already own the property, but there might be better options available. 203k loans are insured by the FHA, which means lenders have less risk when offering this loan on the after-repaired value of the property. As a result, it's easier to get approved (especially with a lower interest rate).

Most properties are almost perfect – the locations are great, and you see the property's special potential. And with a construction/renovation mortgage loan and RodwellBuildingServices™ you will contract custom improvements when you buy and get that property off the market and make it a valuable part of the community again. You will fund your custom improvements and purchase: You will borrow enough to make your purchase plus enough to contract topline reliable constructors to building your improvements. Because the financial Institutions and the Government are involved, contractors are leaning over backwards to finish your project on time so you can move right in on schedule. Home Sweet Home!