Touristy reasons to buy your custom home in the Washington, DC; Maryland and Northern Virginia cosmopolitan expanse

Working with the IMF or some international entity in Washington, DC and during your migration and travels around the US and abroad, you may get a lot of queries about Washington, DC. Few are absurd; alike, “Are the streets smooth as glass?” Some are not so trivial such as, “Would a resident of DC need their passport to go into Maryland and Virginia?” This is my careful response even though those questions won’t seem too ridiculous once you and your inquirers learn how much gloriousness it is to live around here. So please share!

I said live. Not just reside or have an address in the area. I mean all of the above and then more – LIVE!!!
Most of RodwellBuildingServices’ blog posts have been about setting up residence or locating property for your growing concern around here. Consequently we will tell you some ways to explore and cultivate your customs in the area freely and cost efficiently to go along with your creations.

Digressing from other blog posts about you knowing and having your custom home in and around the Washington, DC region, here are 99+ Much-frequented Reasons to buy and own real property around the global, informational capital of the free world. Here are some ideas you will love to share with your friends and families when they visiting your custom home or vacationing with you in Washington, DC multicultural spread.

Admire the majestic beauty of Great Falls
Please Note; these are listed in alphabetical order as actionable and experientially probable. You can do them all or some and I guarantee you will develop some more. That’s why I use the word, “expanse” in the title. The area is continuously growing in both size and cultures. Also, these hyperlinks are alive and you can search names and titles on Google for actual information if no URL is provided.

Great Falls is a great starting point but you will love Botanical Gardens. There are several parts to the Botanical Garden and you should explore. It’s very enlightening and you newlyweds can get ceremonial photographs in the modern day “Garden of Eden.” If beach is your thing and want to be there locally you could build a sand castle at Sandy Point State Park.
If you want to build something else and love buildings as much as I do, hang out or build and play at the Building Zone at the National Building Museum.
On that note, call your Member of Congress and obtain White House tour tickets. If they are not in, you can tour the Capitol Building where the Congress of US Representatives are housed when they are in session.

Catch a kid-centric show at the Adventure Theatre in Glen Echo Park and while you are in Silver Spring, pick out a high-point or a noticeable building. That’s so when you check out the view from the top of the Washington Monument on a clear day you should be able to spot that building 4.5 miles away. After looking north to Silver Spring, turn right look out towards the National Airport then pan down closer – you can take a short skip to cheer at a Nationals Game on T-Shirt Tuesday, the oval structure you are seeing is right in Navy Yard. Depending on how long before you buy, you should be able to cheer the Washington Mystics which is our pride and joyous Women’s Basketball Team.

When you want to see bureaucracy at its finest you can delve into the basement of the Department of Commerce and visit DC’s National Aquarium. No pun intended but you won’t feel like you are in-too-deep there. Fact is the aquarium in neighboring Baltimore is only a hop skip and a jump up the Parkway. Again, you won’t need any pass but Baltimore is a beautiful port you have just got to enjoy every time you get a chance living in this area. It’s just that simple.

It’s almost like visiting the friendly bridge in Chinatown and then going to dig in to Ethiopian food with your hands in Adams Morgan
then driving out to Virginia’s Dinosaur land.

All that talk about driving got my inkling stirred up. Something my sweetheart and I do in the autumn seasons ever so often is driving through the Shenandoah’s Skyline Drive and took romantic hikes along the Appalachian Trail. It’s a very elaborate trip so pack a tent, food and sleeping bags. Make a weekend of it! Many times we just drove the skyline into the other states and stopped at local bed and breakfast motor hotels for overnight rests and dinners. We loved out Alfa Romeo Spider with its rag-top because when the sunsets met up with the orange and rust colored leaves of the trees on the rolling hills and valleys – we were in a storybook romance motif.

Come on back to the urban setting there is much to do while enjoying your daily chores and marketing. Take eating and shopping your way through Eastern Market as a prime example. Pick up your groceries and satisfy your epicurean delights in the meanwhile. I am a foodie so I won’t get started. You can always eat fish and chips at The Dubliner or Kelly’s Irish Times. Pubs are plentiful and that will take a whole series of blog post. Besides, you can combine the Eastern Market to Kelly’s Irish Times pub experience without coming in the city. Check your schedule for a nearby County Fair. Craft beer producers are getting much more popular now and all of DC, Maryland and Virginia are promoting the independent breweries. Hurry and let us know your custom home style and location you like. The longer you wait; the lesser amounts and more expensive your selections will be.

Coming from the Mississippi towards western Florida area and think that you may get homesick for river boating. When you are hosting guests to your custom home, for an excursion or any special occasion or just because, you will enjoy a voyage down the Potomac in a real riverboat
after grabbing a weekend brunch on the Georgetown Waterfront. You can also amaze your visitors with cultural diversities such as getting them to experience the beginning of American history at the National Museum of the American Indian
and exploring Luray Caverns. Exploring unique geographic features and doing it with your cultural style is what this mecca we call the National Capital Region is all about.

That doesn’t mean you have to leave the kids out of your routs. The museums and monuments are a staple for niceties here so we won’t list them herein. However there are a few activities they host that you may never expect. Go fly a kite on the National Mall
or go train-crazy at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. That is lots of fun for one day even if your custom home is closer to Baltimore. However you just have to go eye to eye with a shark or a dolphin at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. After the underwater exploration or before, you can experience the surface animals if you take the kids and go on safari at Virginia Safari Park.
That brings to mind another activity the Smithsonian Museums are not famously known. It is where all family members can hear a story or see a performance at the Discovery Theatre as well as arranging for a sleepover. Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia are great locations to set your custom home so you can host many family and friends all throughout the years.

All the talk about places to drive and see might make you want to get some exercise in. So you can always hike around Roosevelt Island or do the trails through Rock Creek Park but do yourself, your family and your guest a solid. Help them make peace with the creepy crawlers at the Orkin Insect Zoo at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History so they won’t be so apprehensive about the great outdoors. It’s a very great learning experience for kids and grown-ups alike. Besides, hiking these areas will save you some money while stopping by every monument.

However, you can play tourist guide and accompany your guest to see the monuments by boat or Duck tour. Hop on a trolley tour of the Washington, DC monuments you can always connect up with the amphibious version that goes onto the waterways and over the roadways for that DC Ducks’ experience. Waterways to port and then to horse drawn carriages were the means of transportation in the days when the United States decided on locating a Federal City. So DC Ducks will get you some of that experience similar routes through the ports and monuments as it was in historical time but with a modern amphibious means.

Baltimore is also a part of our RodwellBuildingServices region and you can hum along with history at the the Star Spangled Banner Flag House in Baltimore which will whet your appetite for flag changing during
Star Spangled Banner from Fort McHenry
. The children will be amazed by the flags but both adults and children imaginations will go wild when you take them to play mad scientist at Maryland Science Center in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and or play secret agent at the International Spy Museum. They will never be the same again.

Downtown Washington DC has trolleys again for over 4 decades. You can to and from work if you live in the Ivy city, Kingman Park and Deanwood area. Both you and your visiting relatives and friends can learn what it was like before and ride the rails at the National Capitol Trolley Museum. The system is slated to be in more locations later because most of the bridges in Washington, DC are in good repair. The fact is there are plenty “little-bits” of everything and everywhere in the world right here in the greater capital area for people to live and entertain themselves and their visitors for several lifetimes to come.

When I was traveling all around the country doing property assessments, at one period I was pivoting out of Fort Worth, Texas. One evening I made the statement, “Washington, DC has some of everything for everybody from all walks of life and all around the world” when a group of diners at the next table interjected. “But if someone wanted to explore outer space they can only lift out from Florida and land in Texas” they hollered. Needless to say, that started a sparring match of the sorts. “Yeah that might be true.” I replied. “However, when they are ready to negotiate acquiring tickets they would need to come to Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD for getting them.

That engaging diner banter did not end there. We became very famous acquaintances discussing the entire 50 United States so naturally we were toe-to-toe all evening. We discussed nearly everything. One very amusing point I remember very clearly was California. “There is none of Hollywood, California in the National Capital area,” one of my dining neighbors shouted causing everyone to look in my direction. “Of course not, there is a Hollywood and a California in St. Mary’s County Maryland” I shrieked back. “And when it comes to acting and live arts, you can always practice your acting skills at a Round House Theatre Free Play programs, and listen to free concerts at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage I added. The bottom line was the greater capital region is a great place to visit and when you do come; you will see why all who already do really wants to live here.

That’s not all for theatres; but Foods, Outdoors, Edifications were some great topics for living that we delved into while eating that evening. Consequently, it would be very neglectful on my spin on real estate objections if I did not point out that in the Greater Capital Region you can pick your own seasonal produce at a nearby farm. Also rent canoes or kayaks in Georgetown, Alexandria, and Port Town to paddle down the Potomac. When it comes to research and learning you can satisfy your very hungry bookworm at the Library of Congress and get up early mornings for taking a free morning bird walk with the Audubon Naturalist Society in MD or VA.

This post was introducing you to many of the busiest reasons to buy your custom home in the Washington, DC; Maryland and Northern Virginia multicultural spread. Enjoy the pictures of newly-built and to-be-built properties RodwellBuildingServices curated for your introduction, you can send for more here!

Do remember we are also never without democracy so vote for some very popular classic-houses around the Capital and if you can only do one thing here make it to view the fireworks on the National Mall or to wave a flag at a fun local 4th of July Parade. Enjoy your visits and entertaining your friends and choose RodwellBuildingServices to move you!120317_1924_Touristyrea7.jpg