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Who, What, When Where and How is Value-Added-Realtor®

Value Added Realtor provides the real estate improvement services additional to the representation services when buying, selling, leasing, and letting real property. Included yet not limited to target-marketing, construction development and project management assistance over the real estate’s industry core services. In short, all additional services beyond standard real estate transaction representations. As your results oriented real estate agent, Value Added Realtor is offered by RodwellBuildingServices™ for services provided to customers at fair cost  that drive the customers’ core purchases.

Who, What, When Where and How is BPOs?

BPOs are often associated with foreclosures and short sales, but other companies such as relocation firms order BPOs. A BPO stands for "broker price opinion," and it involves using a process very similar to an appraisal, although not as involved nor complicated.