When you have your unique custom home by RodwellBuildingServices, you can receive all your family for Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving Day for all!

Gathering with families, from both distant and close for feasting on the prior seasons’ growth and harvests is by all means the best holiday ever. It is practical and even more functional than you might have thought about it. Traveling to meet and feast with your extended families is what makes Thanksgiving Day the stapled long weekend. It’s not because it’s beginning the Christmas spirit. Nor does it have anything to do with Black Friday sales. It’s a mixture of it occurring in the autumn season when the trees are coloring their leaves and most animals are fattening themselves for hibernating activities to survive the winter months. It will be months of frigid temperatures and indoor activities before we see new growth again so it is just fitting we take the special weekend to fatten up also.

Don’t get me wrong I love all the seasons. In the spring and summer, I would probably be crazy to want a long weekend for feasting. There is everything so comforting about Thanksgiving Day and all it brings and when it comes, I can’t help thinking that having a custom home where you can be proud receiving all your families. Set all the poor stigmas aside, with a custom home it will be the right size and the greatest location that the tempers that causes strife won’t have the gasp of life to exist.

Perhaps you never have given it any consideration. I am tall and lanky yet I am a foodie just the same. In the summer grilling outside is just as important for me. There is something about preparing foods that is relaxing for me. That is, I do not see it as a chore or a duty; I see it as family goings-on like playing a board game or pickup game of touch football. Not everyone will be playing at the same time and playing the same hand. Like preparing the feast, games and welcome home graciousness are intimate contributions from all.

Picture it! With your unique custom home, everyone will be contributing to the food preparation without having to yell through walls to see the football games. The kids will be fully supervised in the family room or den while the grownups base the turkey and assemble the pies.

Thanksgiving Indoor motifs for your custom home are quite simple. Get a house that can transform for your holiday celebrations. Especially, open kitchen and dining areas that leads into the large family den area. Holiday entertaining like Thanksgiving includes room for family activities. So center areas can consist of natural elements like fireplaces and island counters.

There should be enough bedrooms for grandparents’ stayover so the open layout can be campsites for the kids when they give-up their bedrooms on holidays.

Special Thanksgiving decorating is conducive to open plan layout as well. Don’t forget the basement. Fact is, the basement is more traditional for North American homes at Thanksgiving. Now it is bonus living space when it is finished properly. They are hardly heated or cooled like other areas of the livable space so the bonus is in the taxes you pay on the net living areas.

Before refrigeration and food preservatives the basement was used to store the food and bounty of early settlers. Nowadays, they become great areas for entertaining and can roll out into added dorms.

At RodwellBuildingServices, we specialize in high quality larger houses that are perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Whether you are looking for a newly constructed house or a renovated reseller house so you can receive your entire family for a group holiday with neighbors or friends or for setting up home after your wedding, you will find the perfect property with us.

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