Why live in your dream…and how a Value-Added Realtor is better for you.

“How to live in your dream…and why a Value-Added Realtor is better for you,” sounds much better.

Dream house, that is! Whether you are looking to have your first one or you outdo the present one and will want to dispose and get a new one soon, your Value-Added Realtor is the one to call.

I would feel safe in estimating that all of us, sooner or later, have an idea of what our unique custom home will be. How it will look from the point of view of approaching visitors. How it will feel to you when you are home and marveling about, “how I made this all my own” and how you feel proud making those monthly notes confidently and comfortably. Unfortunately, very few of us even look into the prospects of having that idea realize. What is more unfortunate is the amount of us who think they can run out on a given Sunday to buy a house that closely resembles what they have in mind and lives happily ever after.

We all have these visions of grandeur. When the subject is real estate, if we are seeking to own — we see ourselves going into an Open House, placing our carte blanche card on the counter and closing the sale right then and there. Likewise, if we are disposing of property, we see just that next person walking into our Open House and shutting down the sale.  Whether we are acquiring or disposing of property we envision doing it in such grand scale that we very seldom move off dead center.

I have heard prospective renters offer to double the required deposit to get a more favorable response to their rental proposal. (Without any segue away from the topic, did you notice I wrote rental “proposal” instead of a rental application? It is so you understand that you are proposing to lease the property and it is no less contractual than offering to purchase property and we will get into some other time.) Right now, let’s FOCUS on designs and decorations that will keep your attention to your comforts-of-home.


Back to visions of loveliness for your abode!


RodwellBuildingServices™ has published a post or two about locations, architectures, and exterior styles for your consideration when acquiring property. We have touched on some functional practicalities for rooms inside your house as well. Moreover, we have published some great modernization tips for turning a basic kitchen into a gourmet’s delight and turning a wide open basement into an entertainment destination in your home. So now we are going to start from the decorating end-results and work it back to the empty properties that are most prominent sold these days. So you can understand how to groove with any given empty property on the market before making it your own.

Those cost efficient times when buyers kept the staging they first saw in their new house purchase have gone. The furnishings used in staging are more often returned to the home designer’s inventory when the property is sold rather than sold with the houses they are showcasing these days. Why? You have your own style. So let’s discover that designer in you together. The fact is; you should know how to imagine your comforts in a slightly used property. Your ability to know how you could make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear will pay dividends when you are taking advantages of a renovation mortgage financing.


Understanding the times!

In the National Capital area in Maryland and Virginia around Washington, DC, the market is hot. It’s very easy to get multiple offers on the same property whether selling or letting. It is considered to be an appreciated market even in times of low inventory for resale. On that note, when you are in a swiftly appreciating market all you have to do to add value in real estate is to buy the property.

Equally, in a disparaging market, all most real estate consumers think they can really do is to play ostrich and hold until the market turns. That’s why the wealthiest real estate owners call theirs, “holding” companies. Historically, appreciation rates are always positive in the long run—in excess of eight percent over long periods of time—so the market will almost certainly improve. Consequently, it is the fly-by-night, get-rich-quick-schemers who wanes away. RodwellBuildingServices™ offers the best way to add value to real estate at any time.

That is to add value to the property!

RodwellBuildingServices™ is a legendary real estate brokerage agency servicing Washington, DC; and up to 50 miles out in Maryland and equally up to 50 miles out in Virginia. The growing concern sells to all types of real estate buyers and sellers, lessees, and landlords drawing techniques from three generations of real estate development and marketing experience.  One could find larger boutique real estate brokerage with a network of specialists to convey your next reality project but you won’t find any more resourceful, dynamically experienced, and wholeheartedly committed to property improvement Realtor® in the tri-jurisdiction area.

RodwellBuildingServices™ is significantly different than other real estate brokerage agencies. Our entire business model and services plan are more like those of a real estate development consultative firm, or design/build contracting firm than the typical “sales” brokerage. Our mission is to: “Improve upon every customer state from the moment they come upon us.”  Equally, our business mantra is “Real Services and the Right Property for Your Order!”

Without our rights to real property, our society would not exist – from entire countries to your neighbor next door walking in the street. Better yet; there would be no street! Naturally, a real estate services provider should do a lot more for you than just navigating your buying or selling transaction. RodwellBuildingServices™ is about “Your Property” and the improvements you want to make thereto. So even if you are without any physical real property to speak of – that’s better because we specialize in zero-base acquiring, improvement and subsequent disposition customizing to cycle your needs and solutions; over and over again.

RodwellBuildingServices™ offers all of the same base level services as any other real estate licensee, but we go further. Our real estate business model is built upon our comprehensive F.O.C.U.S. Consultation to uncover and resolve our clients’ needs and real estate objectives. RodwellBuildingServices™ knows that “one-size-does-not-fit-all” or any other discriminating statement that makes all customers seem the same. You are unique and we have an extremely well-coordinated process that serves each customer individual demands; saves them the time to do other functions and cost-effectively procure or dispose of property.

There is “more-than-one-way-to-skin-a-cat” and RodwellBuildingServices™ believes that about real estate improvements. “What would it serve a person who over improves their property so no one can live in it?” I had to ask a property owner who was being very difficult about the rental applicants. There are many objective methods for property improvements and so we assembled a custom network of vendors that you’ll need once you come call on us to serve your needs. Real Estate is an experience, and providing you the most resourcefulness possible is just how RodwellBuildingServices™ guarantee you the most rewarding experience every time.

A valued improvement derives many forms!

My grandfather used to tell me, “If a shark stops swimming – it will drown” and “When a plane stops flying – it will land.” Perplexed? I was too, back then. As a young boy, I was as curious as to any other child my age. But, I had to wonder, “what the heck a builder knows about sharks and planes???” However, in his most infinite wisdom, he was very profoundly letting me know that function creates form.

I must admit; I was most enlightened during the recent economic recession and the devastation it did upon the get rich quick landlords who had a lot of “rental properties” that they could not rent for more reasons than one. Yes, they bought property alright. But they could not carry them—pay the not while not rented. So the property remained vacant until the lender repossesses it. By then the property is at a loss in value to any subsequent buyer and I can just imagine my grandfather saying, “nothing destroys a building better than vacancy” when I am showing an REO property on sale. Nevertheless, leasing-up a property is an improvement upon said property in RodwellBuildingServices™ catalog, and so please contemplate the common ones that really maximize real estate improvements as well:

Drive better occupancy with beautifying improvements!

More and more investors (a buyer who resells for profit) start out with fix-and-flips. A typical fix-and-flip property is a building that only needs improvements that will modernize its looks as opposed to its structural systems such as roofing, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. Fix-and-flip improvements are the easiest and cheapest repairs and remodeling projects that every shopper wants because they often bring the best return on investment.

If you own a property that is dated you may want to consider a comprehensive improvement project with RodwellBuildingServices™ before selling it. At the very least you will have the options to share in the upside. Otherwise, you will be told that the property needs a “total-gut” with overwhelming estimations just so you will pawn it for less.

Product change and repurpose improvements!

Your real estate is a product like any other on the market. It is not a product you can take away from its location as one can do with an automobile or a camper. Consequently, Zoning dictates your redevelopment and you can add a great deal of value to any property when you maximize its limitations.

In the District of Columbia, a moratorium on raising a row house additional level has been in effect since 2005.  It came about when developers found it more lucrative to add a floor above the roofline and repackage a typical 3 level row house into a four-level duplex. Naturally, that stunt was short lived. However, if you have a building with a large, undeveloped basement or attic, you have the potential of adding value without changing the footprint of the existing structure.

These finds are most prominent in the suburban areas of Maryland and Virginia now and also in areas not as congested as in the District of Columbia. Most often they come with large acreage as if they were forgotten over time. RodwellBuildingServices™ is committed to serving Washington, DC; State of Maryland; and the state of Northern Virginia.  RodwellBuildingServices™ customized your property search and acquisitions equally as we will customize your property marketing and disposition plan as well. Before you make a move – compare.

When calling on RodwellBuildingServices™, you should understand the “wow-factor” that we produce is not by any pressure or time-lined motivation tactic.  As a valued customer of RodwellBuildingServices™, your real estate needs, goals and objectives are of great importance to us. We are asking for your participation in an F.O.C.U.S. Consultation process which will help us better understand your attitudes and usage of real estate products and service needs for your projects. We know your time is valuable, so we are initiating some of the simpler questions online.

FOR LESSEES & BUYERS: Have you ever seen a property advertised and as soon as it says “available,” it is sold or rented? What do you do?

You can CALL on RodwellBuildingServices™ to provide you with expert leasing buying support. Like our Future Properties List, we position not-so-ready Lessees and buyers into our comprehensive database helping home buyers. Our professional environment is composed of the most relaxed, experienced, patient and resourceful people in their respective industry who are practical and functional in saving you time and money when transacting a house, condominium or multi-family apartment building or an office/commercial complex.  We will provide you “the real services and the right property for your order”. From direct lenders to structured loan officers to home designers to architects to facility managers to constructor to specialty tradesmen – we have the technician to create it for you. So if you are considering a change any day now, let RodwellBuildingServices™ move you.

Moreover, if the property you desire is not available for resale RodwellBuildingServices™ will make an unsolicited proposal on your behalf. Inquire with us to learn more.

FOR LETTERS & SELLERS: Bringing your property to market takes the powerful understanding of your product’s environment and how to communicate same while appealing to the most selective requirements. Most professional Letters and Sellers can only lower your asking price for your property. Many publish it as “price improvements” as it will get a shopper off the fence. But that’s not the only way to negotiate in RodwellBuildingServices™ arsenal. Our practice of bringing the maximum amount of interest you a property extends beyond posting said property on the Metropolitan Regional Information System so it can be picked up pushed through www.Zillow.com and others. We have a community of Future Lessees and Buyers that emphasizes their likes and dislikes so we can match them to your property directly. We know that marketing life-changing-event products to those consumers have to take place at the most opportune time for those shoppers. That’s why we make our contacts and evangelist to be customers for life. We have qualified renters planning on

becoming buyers and grandparents calling on us to help their grandchildren with their first apartment. It is common that our customers call on us for solutions other than selling their property. Just over a year ago, Jacqueline decided to remain in Florida with her first child. She wanted her house in Fort Washington, MD to be open for her return anytime so we let it to a commuter on short terms. The commuter uses the house to sleep in 4 days a week while working at the National Airport during the nights and so Jacqueline would not have to pay higher homeowner insurance premiums for a vacant home.

These Win-Win solutions and more epitomize RodwellBuildingServices™ that makes real estate buying, real estate improvements and real estate selling faster and easier; better for all our customers’ life.