Niche Locations and Neighborhoods for Creating Your Custom Real Estate in Washington, DC

Neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., are distinguished by their history, culture, architecture, demographics, and geography. The names of 131 neighborhoods are unofficially defined by the D.C. Office of Planning. Neighborhoods can be defined by the boundaries of historic districts, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, civic associations, and business improvement districts (BIDs); as DC's gentrification peaks, these boundaries will overlap.

As the capital of the United States, Washington's local neighborhood history and culture is often presented as being distinct from that of the national government. The following information is curated from Wikipedia and DC Government Website. The links are live and can show pictures of the areas plus other information. You may see more historical facts about the idea and origination of Washington, DC at

Do get to know the location you will find the most customs and comfort for you, your family and/or your business organizations.

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List of neighborhoods by Ward numbers

Ward 1

Ward 1

Population (2010): 74,462