Value Added Realtor Statement


Rodwell helps individuals and companies that use real estate and construction services to improve their assets & holdings.

If you want your property developed or your business facilities modernized to sell more or operate in more spaces we can help.

The purpose is to help clients build their value by providing the real services and locating the right property meets and exceeds their objectives.

ACHIEVING Their goals are why our clients buy OR SELL WITH us; because we’ll help them if their objective is to locate a home for the family that they can customize and cherish for a long time, or to acquire other facilities that they can customize expanding their present business operations in other locations to increase sales success.

Why buy WITH RodwellBuildingServices?

  • More than 4 types of properties toured daily

  • FREE, in-depth F.O.C.U.S. consult

  • Score high-quality services target your property needs

  • Get optimized lenders catering to your approvals

  • Organized modernization & estimate improvements, and repairs

  • Develop & quickly build business for multiple properties

  • Locate new facilities, shuffle your relocation plan maximize lease/purchase options