Winter’s cold and snowed-in days can make you appreciate your custom home with a modern kitchen so well.

Winter’s cold and snowed-in days can make you appreciate your custom home with a modern kitchen so well these days, you might even be anxiously looking forward to your first Spring Cleaning in your own custom home.

The center of your home is the kitchen. With the exception of excreting your bodily waste, you can do all the other functions you have a special room in your home.

Think about it! It hasn’t been such a long time ago when outhouses were the modern practice, people lived in one room. There wasn’t a need for mechanical rooms – the fireplace was for cooking, heating up the house and boiling water for your bath. Off to sides and up in lofts the beds were there in that same room for cozy comforts. The dining and sitting areas were also central to that same room so there was no need for another room to your home during those times.

My point is that the kitchen is still the center of the home and will be for a long time coming. Have you noticed the new houses on the market now? Agree; the kitchens are opening up again and they are getting some very elaborate distinguishing features.

Kitchens did not get more unseen over the yesteryears. As a matter of fact
when maids, nannies, servants and butlers were common to the housekeeping responsibilities, the kitchen was placed behind the scenes from the braggarts who could only be seen more affluent by the size of their hosting parties, dining and entertainment rooms. However behind the picturesque of high-end, well-run homes were equally efficient kitchens. Kitchens were rarely seen but most integral nonetheless.

Nowadays you can see the kitchens coming back into the forward scenes. Most designers are opening up the floorplans so the kitchen areas are more of the appeal to buyers. And on the social scenes, many people are visiting with their friends who are preparing large meals just so they can spend the time conversing and sipping. Yes, I have a television set in my kitchen and there is a sofa and stools for making food preparation chores seem less laborious and more entertaining. More people who thought it was stylish to say, “I can’t cook” are making efforts to meet-up at related projects

That’s enough of why kitchens are important. Let’s get back to why you will like to have your own custom home with a modern kitchen of your choosing soon. We may even show you some resources readily available for you now even if your “home savings account” is less than 5% of the cost of the dream house you are imagining.


nowed-in days and slowly making comfort meals is when you can appreciate custom homes with modern kitchens. You can see the potential of something that few others can. It gives time to reach out to our community members and see how they are enjoying their customized properties.

M. Jones expressed, “Years ago, we purchased a vacant house that had been on the market for over a year, and we made it into our dream house. All that took listening to your insights and contracting with those reliable constructors. Your strong vision made it a very great deal. We still love it now, Rod!”


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RodwellBuildingServices is always assisting you when your contracting professional has issues dealing directly with constructors. We also help keeping everything on track, and facilitating the contracts and escrow to a successful, smooth close.

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Create the custom home you deserve and you too can enjoy comfort foods when the weather tells you to slowly cook in your bright and luxurious kitchen. Make that one of your resolution for this New Year! You can start your FOCUS Consult here!