Your Questions – Your Answers

Monday, November 27, 2017

Just got off of a Google Hangouts which (240) 473-3097 is integrated to answer or forward calls directly to me in the early mornings before work. The call prompted me to start posting your questions and your answers because no question to RodwellBuildingServices is ever going to go unanswered.

The caller’s question was, “If a Realtor® makes their commission only from the original property price amount and not from the total amount financed, why do RodwellBuildingServices specialize in serving buyers who are buying using a 203K or HomeStyle® renovation mortgage financing?” We can point the suspecting buyer to find more about the subject online independently from RodwellBuildingServices 

How do Real Estate Agents make commission on HUD 203K financing?

I hope you can see the complexity of the question. However the bottom line is; what is in it for you, Rodwell?

Not a PROBLEM! There is no ulterior motive. It’s just chartered in the business’ mission: “Improve every customer’s real estate from the moment they come upon us!” (Full Stop) 

Providing a Smart Way For You to Buy and Customize Buy now, Customize Before You Move In, pay one-note-payment thereafter. RodwellBuildingServices & HomeStyle or FHA 203K lets you select from existing suitable structures in your chosen location instantly negotiate modern customizations and pay for them together in one Mortgage Payment. The principles of the type of financing existed long before there was distinctions between residential and commercial real estates. The brand names allows it to be simplified and specialized towards your custom home.

You are free to stop in and visit with us anytime. Get to know us and see for yourself.